Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Anime Review (Season 1 Dub)

What an interesting and fun anime! 🙂


This show is set in an alternate universe in which Japan has been conquered by the Britannian Empire and has been renamed Area 11 by the empire. The story focuses on Lelouch who is the eleventh prince of Britannia and also a high school student who one day crosses paths with a mysterious woman called C.C who gives him a power called “Geass” which allows him to control the minds of others. With this new power in hand, Lelouch decides to destroy the Brittanian empire and rebuild the world that is safe and secure so that his little sister, Nunnally can live happily.



Where do i begin… Lelouch the main character. Lelouch is an intelligent and strategic character who isn’t afraid to overstep his boundaries to get what he wants. At times, Lelouch was dramatic to the point where I wanted him to calm down and really think things through. When you look at the other main character, Suzaku you see someone the very opposite of Lelouch. At first glance he looks like your typical hero, brave and loyal. Once you get inside Suzuku’s head you realise that the dark past he had is his reasoning for his actions throughout the anime.

Lelouch and Suzaku are childhood friends and this makes their relationship very important. Throughout the season you see that both Lelouch and Suazaku want to change the world but both take different paths to try to achieve this. Due to the two being childhood friends, this makes Lelouch’s life complicated and he has to struggle with the fact that Suzaku is different from when they were kids (same goes for Suzaku). It’s very interesting to see how their relationship develops throughout the series.

Lelouch and Suzaku



Art Style

So the art style… the faces threw me off quite a bit. The eyes were a weird shape and the chins were so pointy you could use the character’s faces like a knife. That’s how pointy they looked to me XD. All of the character’s especially the males are all tall and lanky. You could probably snap them like a twig.

Code Geass 2.PNG

As someone who has never watched a mecha anime before and had been avoiding the genre for a while, I was very surprised by how much I enjoyed this series. While the plot itself is well-written and leaves you surprised at times, the plot tends to jump around a bit which left me confused and questioning “So what happened to the part of the plot that you were driving forward before”?

This was a problem for me when it came to character’s screen time and also when it came to explaining the different groups and what their plans were. The plot also suffered when it came to the character’s at school. The school scene’s were uninteresting to me and some of the characters involved came off as bland and annoying such as Shirley who is one of Lelouch’s friends at school.


This anime’s main draws come from the two main character’s, Lelouch and Suzaku who’s differing opinions are interesting to see who is right in the end. The story is quite intense for me I felt it was like this at the very start but that might be because this is my first mecha and military anime.

The strategic side of the plot always interested me but it also left me a bit confused at times due to the constantly moving plot. The character’s are great especially Lelouch and Suzaku even C.C but everyone else for me came across as dull and annoying. A lot of the time I found myself questioning their motives.One thing I will say about the art is that it comes across great visually in the fighting scenes.

The first season ends in a cliffhanger. It ended so well that I had to immediately search to see if they had a season 2. Thankfully they have since 2008 XD. If a serious, thought provoking and action packed anime is what you looking for, then I highly recommend Code Geass you wont be disappointed.

Code Geass

Title: Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion (Season 1)

Genre: Action, Mecha, Sci-Fi, Drama.

Released Date: October 5, 2006 –  July 28, 2007

Episodes: 25

Director: Goro Taniguchi

Animated: By Studio Sunrise