Neon Genesis Evangelion Anime Review (Sub)

One of the best anime’s ever!  🙂


In the year 2000, a mysterious “meteorite strike” hits Antarctica and wipes out half of the human population. In 2015, a war is taking place on earth. This war is between the powerful beings known as angels and the secret agency NERV who are humanity’s last hope.

NERV are using giant cybernetic robots called Evangelions to battle the angels. But only children can use the Evangelions. NERV’s Commander, Gendo Ikari calls upon his son (who he abandoned years ago) Shinji Ikari to be the pilot of Evangelion Unit 01. Shinji lives with a woman called Misato who works at NERV. Shinji faces many problems involving piloting the Eva Unit 01 and fighting the angels.


Shinji Ikari

Shinji was an interesting character. When he is asked to pilot the Evangelion, Unit 01 he does so without hesitating. Shinji has a laid back personality at first, this is shown when he decides to just follow what everyone else says. Later in the show, I realised that the real reason Shinji decides to pilot Unit 01 is because he seeks the approval of others. He wants people to pay attention to him and acknowledge him especially his father who abandoned him at a young age.


Shinji was abandoned as a child by his father and this has not only lead him to fear emotional pain but has led him to blame himself for his father abandoning him. Shinji is an emotionally fragile character who due to little contact with people shuts the world and people out by wearing headphones that he wears quite often throughout the show.

He was a character that wanted to be loved but didn’t know how to give that love back. His character was a relatable one  when it came to his interactions with other characters, he was rather uncomfortable. His character is someone I could relate due to his discomfort when interacting with other characters.

Rei Ayanami

Rei is the pilot of the Evangelion Unit 00.  She was a pretty, socially withdrawn character. Other than Gendo, you barely saw Rei interact with any of the characters at the beginning of the series. When it came to her interactions with Gendo, she was shown to be loyal to him although she and Gendo had a distant relationship from what I could see. At the beginning of the series, Rei’s behaviour was a bit odd as she would only interact with characters if she needed to.


During the show, Rei begins to interact with other characters and forms relationships with them. Rei has her moments in which she shows emotion much to my delight because this showed that her interactions with characters was having an effect on her. I really liked her character because she was a mysterious character. I really would like for her and Shinji to have more interactions. I felt there weren’t enough of that in the show.



Asuka Langley Sohryu

Asuka is shown to be a very proud and character most noticeably when it came to her Evangelion, Unit 02. Asuka had a high opinion of herself when it came to her appearance and her skills as the pilot of Unit 02. Asuka had difficulty in expressing her feelings to other people, this made her interactions with other characters hard. Asuka doesn’t like to be told what to do by others as she wants to be seen as an adult by others.

Asuka doesn’t like to be helped by others as she believes she can do things on her own. When she does need help in the series, Asuka sees this as a failure on her part. She has difficult dealing with this in the show. Asuka has an aggressive personality which I found annoying. But as I watch the show, I noticed that Asuka’s aggressive personality as well as her behaviour towards other characters was just a “mask” that she put on for others.


Inside, Asuka is shown to be a vulnerable and insecure girl, this is shown when the audience is allowed into Asuka’s dreams and thoughts. I thought this an interesting  as this adds a layer to Asuka’s character. This showed me she has problems just as the rest of the characters. 

Even though I did not like Asuka at all, I can appreciate the complex character she was. Also her interactions with Shinji were interesting, especially in the End of Evangelion Movie which was a good watch although confusing.



Shinji continually tries to befriend Rei throughout the series and he succeeds and Rei opens up to him, while she does this she realises some things about herself. Shinji relates to Rei’s isolation and it isn’t until later in the show that Rei begins to understand that these are feelings she has been feeling from Shinji and later comes to the conclusion that she has to protect him.

As I’ve said before I felt that their relationship wasn’t developed enough and the little bits we got from the show showed that given more time they would have had an interesting friendship due to their mutual isolation.

Shinji and Rei

Shinji is attracted to Asuka although this wasn’t completely confirmed but through their interactions in the series, you can really see their suppressed feelings for each other. Shinji sees Asuka’s bullying as weird sot of strength for him and this is more evident when Asuka has her mental breakdown when she encounters one of the angels in the show. (You’ll have to watch the show to see what I mean :D)

Asuka confuses Shinji on where they stand with each other. Asuka often projects her own issues onto Shinji shown through she yells at him due to her own surprise. Asuka and Shinji constant arguing cause them to be teased by their classmates who also call them newlyweds which makes them blush. It looks like to me that they two of them are very unaware of their feelings which made some of their interactions amusing to me.



Art Style

One of the art style’s that I like about this series is the Evangelion’s designs. Each of the main characters unit is easy to identify. The art style of the characters are great. They have slightly pointed faces and the small eyes that fit on to their faces are great to look at. Although I do feel that their necks are a bit too long. They make them look almost alien which I guess is kind of fitting for the show XD.

The character’s designs from their pilot suits to their school uniforms really make me appreciate how much effort the animation studio put in. All of the art styles from the characters to the Eva’s makes you believe they belong in their universe, nothing feels out-of-place and that why I will always appreciate the art style of Evangelion.


The main draws of this anime are its mature themes. This show deals with Depression, Child Abandonment, Religion and Philosophy. These are really heavy themes and all of them are prominent throughout the show.

All of the characters are realistic and complex. (yes even Shinji) I love that the show wasn’t afraid to get serious and show the effects Depression and Child abandonment had on these characters. Even the adults weren’t perfect they were shown to be just as cruel perhaps even crueller and messes up than the kids were (looking at you Misato and Gendo). 


I wish more shows were able to keep their stories interesting and complex like Evangelion was. More shows should be able to tell a good story without having the characters come off as silly and unimportant.

The story, the animation, the voice acting were all amazing. The end of this anime leaves you with questions and confusion well it was that way for me. Even after I’ve watched the movie (EOE) it still left me unsatisfied so off I went to YouTube to find some answers.

The soundtrack was also amazing. I love the use of out-of-place music when the Eva’s fought the angels it was shocked at first because I couldn’t believe what I was hearing but I appreciate the lengths the studio took to capture the audience. And capture the audience they certainly did.

Evangelion 1.PNG

Title: Neon Genesis Evangelion

Genre: Action, Drama, Sci-Fi, Psychological, Mecha

Released Date: October 4, 1995 – March 27, 1996

Episodes: 26

Director: Hideaki Anno

Animated: By Gaintax, Tatsunoko Production