Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 1

Amazing start! 😀


Attack on Titan opens up with 3 kids staring at a wall. On that wall is a giant red hand, the camera peels back to reveal the giant red face of a titan. After the opening theme which I may add is an awesome one. I really love how the opening shows the terror that is the titans and humanity fighting back. The visuals and the band singing blend perfectly together.After the opening, we cut back to the morning before the events shown before the opening theme song.

Attack 21

We’re introduced to Eren, a loud mouthed boy and Mikasa, a girl who’s really quiet. After Eren wakes up from a dream we see them walk to the gate of the wall and come across some guards who are currently on duty. We’re introduced to a man named Hannes and his friends who are currently drunk even though they are meant to be on duty. I’d like to talk about this scene as it provides a little back story on the walls as well as capture the current mood of the soldiers on duty.

Eren is annoyed at the fact that the soldiers are drunk and tells them that they should be protecting the walls as the titans can break through any minute. Hannes’s friend who is unnamed mentions that “if” the titans attack they will do their job. Hannes’s friend also says that in the past 100 years the titans haven’t attacked. Hannes and hs friend have said this all with a laid back tone which Eren picks up on. He tells them in frustration that they should call themselves “Wall Menders” instead of the Town Guards.

Hannes laughs at this and tells Eren that the public are much happier when they are doing nothing and getting called useless freeloaders. Eren clenches his fist and tells Hannes that they are all living like livestock which surprises Hannes but his friends laugh it off and call Eren a crazy kid. Hannes watches Eren and Mikasa while muttering to himself if Eren is thinking of joining the Recon Corps.

Attack 22.PNG

While Hannes was talking to Eren, we were shown how life is like in this town. People are going about their everyday life, buying fish, chatting to each other without worrying about the titans. Mikasa tells Eren that she doesn’t think he should join the Recon Corps with Eren asking Mikasa if she thinks there stupid too. She says she doesn’t think there stupid while we hear the sound of a bell ringing. Eren says with joy and tell Mikasa that the Recon Corps are back and that they should welcome the “Heroes” back.

We cut to the moment the Recon Corps arrive. Eren and Mikasa are stood on boxes looking at the site before them. At first the look on Eren face is full of joy when he looks at one of the Recon Corps members. He looks at him in awe as the member turns away from him with a frown on his face. Eren’s face turns to shock at he begins to notice the other members.

Attack 23.PNG

Some have bandages on their eyes, one has a bandage on his mouth with blood on it, another one is in a wagon with his arm in a sling and a bandage on his leg. One of the things I noticed that all the members have a look, the look of defeat and fear. The sounds of the piano in the background really sets the scene of despair and fear as the Recon Corps walk past Eren and Mikasa.

A few of the town person asks why they are so few Recon members while another mentions that most were eaten. Another town person mentions that this is what they get for venturing outside the walls, the shock and fear on Eren and Mikasa’s face while the person was saying this wall well animated.

The scene cuts to a woman looking for her son, Moses who’s in the Recon Corps, some members stop to give her something in a bundle. She looks up in confusion to the person who handed it to her, the dark lines around her eyes to show her despair was great. She unwrapped the bundle and it reveals only an arm. She cries and the way she cries it heart breaking, you can really feel her pain and sadness of losing her son.

One of the members says that the arm was all they could get. Eren’s face and Mikasa’s faces are amazing, Eren’s is still open-mouthed with his eyes are moving to display their shock. The woman screams in pain and asks if her son was useful mentioning that he at least died helping mankind fight back much to the surprise of the solders  The silence before the man answers her really shows how much the public and the woman are going to hang on to his next words.

Attack 24.PNG

The man says yes at first but after a pause says that the missions that they have been going on was pointless and he screams that they haven’t made any progress at all much to the shock of the woman, he continues and says that he’s a failure and that the he has been getting soldiers killed left and right, they haven’t learned anything about the titans. Eren’s face and the public’s face’s are full of shock as the man cries.

The Recon corps then take their leave leaving people astounded. One of the townspeople says that all they have been doing is giving themselves to them as free lunch, Eren hears this the man with one of the pieces of wood from the blocks of woods he’s been carrying on his back, Mikasa drags Eren away and slams him into the wall which scatters the wood he’s been carrying. Mikasa asks Eren if he’s changed his mind about the Recon Corps and he just tells Mikasa to help him pick up the wood.



Attack 25.PNG

Eren and Mikasa arrive home to Eren’s mum welcoming them, she mentions to Eren that he picked a lot of firewood with Eren responding with a yeah. Eren’s mu grabs his ear and tells him its red showing her that he’s lying and Mikasa helped him.

I thought this was a really cute scene as it made me smile and made me think back to my childhood. While Mikasa and Eren are eating, Mikasa tells everyone that Eren wants to join the Recon Corps much to his surprise and annoyance and he calls Mikasa a traitor.

Attack 26.PNG

Eren’s mum shouts at him telling him that so many people die outside the walls and asks if he understands that, he says he does while she shouts he clearly doesn’t. Eren’s dad asks him about why he wants to go outside and Eren says this “I want to see and understand the world outside!”. “I don’t want to die inside these walls without knowing what’s out there!” “On top of that if no one takes their jobs, then those who lost their lives will have died in vain!”.

Eren’s dad says I see then mentions that he has to get going as his ship is her. Eren’s mum tell him to wait and help her convince Eren but Eren’s dad says this “Carla, nothing can suppress a human’s curiosity”.



He then tells Eren that when he come back, he will show Eren what’s hidden in the basement much to Eren’s joy. He leaves and Carla tells Eren that she’s against him joining the Recon Corps that it’s a stupid idea and Eren tells her “People who are content living like livestock are more stupid!” He runs off and Carla tells Mikasa that Eren is reckless and that they should look out for each other.

We then cut to a boy called Armin who is being bullied by some kids, Eren and Mikasa run to help him with the bullies running away because Mikasa is on the scene, Eren says that the bullies ran because they saw him but Armin mentions that it was because of Mikasa which I found pretty funny as Eren seems to have a high opinion of himself.

Eren, Mikasa and Eren sit on some steps and Eren tells Mikasa that she shouldn’t have told his parents and Mikasa tells him that she didn’t agree to help him.Eren and Armin how they want to go outside. Armin mentions that titan’s might get in if people are allowed outside the walls, he also says this is the reason why the King’s government banned people from showing interest in the outside world.

Attack 27.PNG


Armin expresses the fact that people are crazy believing that the walls will protect them forever and as he says this music starts kicking in, this music is pretty haunting as it follows the visuals which show us people smiling and playing about in slow motion. It really tells the audience something is coming and while Armin mentions that we don’t know if the walls will be broken down today there is a moment of silence, the calm before the storm and then it hits.

A bolt of lightning falls from the sky and this sudden blast knocks Eren, Mikasa and Armin off their feet. Armin runs to where people are standing, staring and pointing and stops, Eren and Mikasa run to him, turn and stop.



We’re taken to the beginning of the episode, the red, steaming hand on the wall the giant red-head titan. Everyone stands there in shock as we are shown the titan pulling back its leg and blasting a hole in the wall. The music accompanying the visuals was awesome it sounded so powerful and really made you feel scared and sorry for all these people The huge force of the titan’s foot hitting the wall blows people back, large rocks from the wall destroying houses and killing people.

Attack 28.PNG

People scream and run as they try to get away from the titans, Eren realises his mum is still in their house him and Mikasa run and leave Armin alone as they run to their house. Eren runs and as he runs we see people crying and running one woman and her kid are kneeling down crying over the person who’s crushed under the rock. Eren and Mikasa run round the bend to their house and see that it’s been crushed.

Eren’s mum is under the wood of the house unconscious at first but wakes up to Eren’s screams, she tells Eren and Mikasa to run as she won’t be able to run if she gets out because her legs are crushed.

Eren and Mikasa ignore her and try the lift up the wood that’s trapped. This was a great scene, Eren screaming that he will carry his mum on his back while his mum screams back and tells him he should listen to what he says while the music keeps building up was great.

Attack 29.PNG

Hannes arrives at the scene and while she tells him to take the kids and run, he tells her he can take out the titan and save all of them. He runs to the titan while thinking about repaying his debt to Eren’s dad and stops as he looks at the titan. You can see the fear set in as he realises what he’s truly up against and he runs back and takes Eren and Mikasa away while Carla thanks him.

Carla tells Eren and Mikasa to live on while she’s flashbacks to their time together. She cries and tells them not to go which was heartbreaking, she tell her kids to go all the while knowing she’s going to die but she pushes down her fear for the sake of her kids. Eren screams while he mum gets picked up by the titan and is eaten while he watches.

The slow motion of his mum getting eaten alongside the music was powerful. Eren’s shock on his face while the droplets of the blood of his mum was floating in the air was shocking, the drums beating as we have a final shot of the titans

I just sat there in shock and surprise with tears in my eyes because Carla didn’t deserve to die, she was an innocent woman who wanted to allow her kids to live on. The fact that the titan ate Carla without a care in the world was a punch in the gut, the moment of hope I felt when Hannes arrived was quickly kicked away as I watched him take Eren and Mikasa and leave. As the scene continues playing a voiceover also plays and says this:

“On that day, mankind received a grim reminder”. “We lived in fear of the titans, and were disgraced to live in these cages we called walls”.

Luckily there’s hope in Eren, Mikasa and Armin as they will continue to live on. The terror of the titans have begun. Humanity’s fight back begins.