Erased Anime Review

A heartwarming and well animated anime that had some issues. (Some Spoilers)


The story is about Satoru Fujinima, a 29-year-old struggling manga artist who also works as a pizza delivery man. Satoru has an ability he calls “Revival” this ability allows him to rewind time to prevent accidents from happening .e.g. a car crash. One day Satoru finds out his mother has been murdered and he is a prime suspect, knowing that he didn’t kill his mother, Satoru runs and realises that her death is linked to the missing students who were kidnapped when he was a kid.

Satoru revival ability suddenly activates and he is sent back 18 years ago to when he was 11, this was also the time where the kids went missing. Satoru decides to find out what really happened 18 years ago as well as prevent any more death’s from happening including that of his classmate Kayo Hinazuki.


Satoru Fujinuma

Satoru was a good character when his revival ability activated he didn’t hesitate to help people who were in trouble. When we are first introduced to Satoru, we see that he is struggling in life, his manga dream is going nowhere as he cannot connect with his readers and he’s stuck delivering pizza. He was a character that is no good a communicating with people who lead to some interesting moments with him.

His interactions with people and his seeing him have that empty look on his face made me feel sorry for him when he found out his mother was killed in his apartment. Satoru travelling back in time and having this sense of desire to save the kidnapped kids was really great to see.

He was an 11-year-old kid but had the mind of his 29-year-old self and this was made even more evident with his interactions with his classmates especially Kayo who he trying to save, there was some funny moments especially when he had to remind himself that he is actually 29. Satoru’s past gave him the answers he was looking for in the present. It seemed he left some lessons he forgot about in the past and watching him have a sense of fulfilment was great to watch.

Erased 4


Kayo Hinazuki

Kayo was a character who didn’t have any friends and was the loner in class. She didn’t speak to anyone due to her mum’s abusive nature. But when Satoru decided to befriend, she started to talk to him although she didn’t fully let him in. I really liked Kayo she was a girl who had issues due to her horrible life at home but by Satoru befriending her you realised she was a lovely girl who just wanted to be happy. I loved that they showed what Kayo was like outside her home when she got to know Satoru, she was a normal kid with fears and dreams.

Erased 24.PNG




Satoru and Kayo’s relationship was lovely. They really showed the greatness of friendship. Satoru talking to Kayo and spending time with her because it allowed her to  experience some happiness in her life before she had to go back to her abusive mother. My two favourite scenes in the show was when Satoru showed Kayo what a christmas tree was. Watching Kayo’s face light up was heartwarming as she had never seen a christmas tree before.

Another great scene was when Satoru took Kayo home and she had her first cooked meal there. The tears in her eyes as she cried as well as the swelling of the music as Satoru’s mum hugged her was beautiful and made me cry because I put myself in her shoes. Imagine if you were in her situation, wouldn’t you feel the same? Someone is showing her kindness and love and that why I love the way Satoru took charge and showed Kayo while saving her to not give up on life.

Art Style

The art style was beautiful, the expressions on some of the character’s face was lovely to look at. The emotions on Satoru’s face as they spoke to each other and were put into situations where it looked like there was no way out was great. Some of the scenes were great with some characters in the shadows to make it look creepy was a nice touch and sent shivers down my spine. I loved the colour’s they used in this anime. Kayo’s red coat and backpack looked beautiful against the white snow it really made her stand out.


So this anime had its issues. At times the show was a little slow I mean sure it was setting things so we could all be like wow! Did they just do that! And believe me if felt that at times but other I felt that Satoru himself came off as to easy. And what I mean by that is I felt Satoru got away with some of his investigations to easily.

He came of as too clever for a 11-year-old mind you he is actually 29 but I felt at times he needed to be discreet as to everyone else he is an 11-year-old kid who “doesn’t” know that the kidnappings are going on. Another problem was that the villain who too easy to figure out.

Once you see the hints and signs you know who it is. I feel like they could have been discreet with this but it is a mystery anime, people are going to figure out who it is anyway. Even though I has these issues with this anime, I still enjoyed it the characters are full of emotion and some are filled with pain.

Erased 26.PNG


The characters really move this story along especially Satoru and Kayo whose relationship was realistic. I was too easy to get sucked into these characters and story, the stakes were at an all time high after episode 6 for me. Bingewatching this series was a lot of fun.It’s definetly and anime I would watch again. All of the voice actors gave an amazing performance.

The mystery wasn’t too complicated but the art, voice acting and characters was beautiful and a lot of scenes were heartwarming. If you like mystery anime with some drama that’s not annoying or overbearing then this is the anime for you.

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Title: Erased

Genre: Mystery, Psychological, Seinen, Supernatural

Released Date: January 8, 2016 – March 25, 2016

Episodes: 12

Director: Tomohoko Ito

Animated: By A-1 Pictures