Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 2

With the fall of  Shiganshina District and Wall Maria, Eren, Mikasa and Armin make their way to Wall Rose. A great episode that highlights how losing their home has affected the kids. (Spoilers for Episode 2)

The second episode opens up with Armin talking about the titans. He mentions how in order to survive, the remaining humans built three wall, Maria, Rose and Sina. 100 years past and the humans still lived in the walls.

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After the opening, we’re shown the chaos that has continued to arise in Shiganshina. People are eaten with terrifying music accompanying the horrifying visuals. It was kind of hard to watch. We cut to Hannes who’s still carrying Eren and Mikasa. Eren screams at him and hits him for failing to save their mother and Hannes gets down to Eren’s level and tells him he couldn’t save his mother because he was weak.

I didn’t like that he said that. This is a 10-year-old grieving kid who just lost his mother cut him some slack! That’s not something a kid needs to be hearing right now but looking at the world they’re in, I guess kids have been told worse. He also says that he wasn’t able to save his mum because he was scared.

I loved that he said this because it shows Eren that the solders who protect the walls are very human. They’re not as amazing as they seem. Some of them I believe put on facades in order not to look weak in front of people. Eren seems to accept this answer and lets it go. While Hannes takes them to the gate, Mikasa has a quick flashback to her past where she mentions that this is familiar. What happened in her past? You don’t find out in this episode.

Armin starts narrating again and talks about how the small districts surrounding the wall were used a titan bait. That was interesting to know as put’s us in the kids shoes because if they know this, I can’t imagine what’s is going through their heads. Maybe they thought that their home was always going to fall to titans.

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Eren and Mikasa are taken by Hannes to board the boat that will take them away to Wall Rose. Eren and Mikasa’s faces are so heartbreaking. The life that they have lived up to now has been destroyed and their lost in the ocean that is grief. We also get to see what other people think about the titans destroying their home, it’s as you can imagine faces full of shock, people crying and even one woman asking God to save them. It was an interesting scene that made me feel for Eren, Mikasa and other towns people.



Meanwhile in Shiganshina, a titan has appeared while the solders have been firing cannons at the other titans, trying to get rid of them. Why does this titan look different? Why is it bigger than the other titans? That I don’t know but what I do know is that it is badass!!! Now I know what your thinking, it’s evil!, it killed those poor soldiers! But look at it! The way it smashed through the wall was awesome! And when it breathed steam out of its mouth!. I mean what’s that all about!

Anyway the titan blew a large hole through the wall while Eren and Mikasa watched it appear after it smashed the wall. We see the people on the boat clutch their heads in fear and I loved this, the bulging eyes, the tears, one with her hands clasped together really captured the mood on the boat. The dark lines on their faces was a great touch to add. It showed that they were panicking and worrying about whether they would survive this.

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We get to see what’s going through Eren’s head at the moment and this is a great scene. Eren’s thinks about his mom and regrets and asks himself why he argued with her in the end. He repeats to himself that his mum is gone and I believe that he’s blaming himself in this scene which he shouldn’t be. He wasn’t able to do anything, it was best that he escaped with Mikasa like his mother wished.

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Even though we didn’t get to know Carla for long, she was a lovely character. Her concern for her son was beautiful. It’s normal for a parent to worry about her child, all parents do it. She wanted Eren to understand why the Recon Corps go out there, why they die out there.

Eren cries and say that humans are weak. He walks to the edge of the boat and fiercely tells himself that will eradicate all the titans. Eren’s face when he says this is amazing. This scene cemented the fact that Eren will join the Recon Corps to take all the titans out. I admired him in this scene, he stopped grieving for a minute to make this declaration.




We now see Grisha making his way home, praying that his family is safe. We then cut to a scene of Grisha holding a needle and Eren crying telling his dad to stop. All of this is shown in quick shots but the two scenes that are paused on is of Grisha telling Eren to not forget the key and to make it to the basement. It was a bit confusing at first and tried to make sense of it, only to realise it’s a dream that Eren wakes up from.

We are shown what life is like in Wall Rose and it’s interesting, we see people fighting for because they haven’t eaten food and we see Armin talking to Eren about how’s there’s not enough food for everyone. They are fighting for survival in these walls, while solders complain about having to give their food away. 

These soldiers disgusted me. I mean have some compassion for these people who have lost their homes for goodness sake. If you were in their shoes, I’m sure you would be crying at how you have nothing left. This told me that life inside a wall is not easy, fighting to survive everyday I could not imagine how hard that is. No roof over your head, no money and worrying about your family.

Eren gets mad at Armin and shouts at him complaining that he shouldn’t have sucked up to those soldiers who scoffed at them, Eren talks about how living like livestock is not the way to go about things, while Armin mentions how it’s necessary for their survival. Eren calls Armin weak which results in Mikasa punching him in the face.

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Mikasa talks about how it is important to stay alive to Eren and forces him to eat the bread that Armin’s Grandfather got for them. Eren cries and eats the bread. This was interesting scene to watch as I felt that both characters were right in this situation, it’s important to survive but not by allowing someone to walk all over you.

Eren’s line of thinking is correct but the way he goes about things is aggressive, no one will listen to him if he has to shout to be heard. I think this is a lesson he needs to learn. Armin is right in his line of thinking but the passive approach is not always the right way. Both Eren and Armin’s way of thinking won’t work in this world, they will have to find a different approach to survive.


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Eren and the rest of the refugees of wall maria were sent out to the fields to secure food. I was surprised that they would let children do this. But this is a harsh world they’re living in. A year later, the government decided to launch a campaign to retake wall maria by using the refugees, one of them was Armin’s Grandfather. I knew this wasn’t going to work, it was obvious that there were too many refugees in Wall Rose and they had to cut down by sacrificing people.

Armin cried as he had unfortunately lost his Grandfather as Eren and Mikasa looked on. It was so sad to see him break down, as it was clear his Grandpa was the only family member he had.

Eren mentions that he wants to join the Recon Corps the next year much to Mikasa’s dismay. Armin says he will join as well and so will Mikasa, to which Eren mentions that she said survival is important. Mikasa replies and says that she will be there to protect him. Eren looks up determined and the scene cuts.

The final scene takes place a year later, with Eren, Mikasa and Armin looking older as they listen to Commander Shadis talk about not becoming titan food. We learn that they will be facing a titan in 3 years but they will be ready before then. I love this scene it really shows that kids have grown a bit and ready to take on the titans. Especially Eren.

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I’m looking forward to seeing how these characters grow throughout the show.

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