One Punch Man Anime Review

A hilarious anime that I binge watched. This anime is amazing! The only bad thing is that I have to wait for season 2… *sighs loudly* (Minor Spoilers)


Saitama is a superhero who is looking for strong villans to defeat. Why is he looking for strong villains? Why to defeat them of course. The problem with Saitama is that every time saitama finds a worth villain, he defeats them with one punch. Will he be able to find a strong villain that can step up to the challenge?

We follow Saitama as he searches for villains to defeat while encountering funny characters and getting in amusing situations. That’s it that’s the story. I like this story because it’s a simple one that tells the struggles of an egg that won’t cook right….. Um I mean a boiled egg (yeah… that’s it) who just wants someone to measure up to his “one punch”. *Shrugs* That’s all.





Saitama was a character who didn’t take his Superhero work seriously as there was not to challenge him. He allowed the villains he faced to monologue and power in their strongest forms which was really funny. He does, however punch them if he feels they have gone on too long. He forgot people’s names and faces, people he has met throughout the show. I was a running gag in the show which was great as I really love characters who are forgetful, it leads to some comedic moments.

Saitama didn’t care about what other thought of him. The other thing that bothered him was being called baldy. Even though Saitama has  achieved a lot in the hero world, he’s always surprised when no one knows who he is. I noticed that Saitama holds back which was surprising as he can destroy the earth if he wanted to. Saitama was a great character who was funny and smart. His interactions with villains and other characters was what made the show.




Genos is a cyborg who is constantly trying to get stronger to defeat the person who destroyed his home and killed his family. Genos begged saitama to allow him to train under him and while Saitama said no at first, he eventually agreed much to Geno’s delight. Genos is very protective of Saitama, he disrespects those who interrupt Saitama or are constantly pestering him.

He greatly respects Saitama’s power as he believes there is a huge secret to Saitama’s power and that it didn’t come just come from 3 years of training. His character design was cool to look at as the animation was beautiful. He had a way of approaching people who was funny to me.

One Punch Man 13

Genos has a lot of pride when it comes to his own abilities. Throughout the show she struggles coming to terms with the fact that there are people in the worlds who are faster and stronger than him. 

I liked his character because he always in pieces at the end of every battle he and Saitama had with villains. He would just brush it off and come out looking brand new the next day. His interactions with Saitama were great. I always wondered if Genos ever though about choosing a different mentor as Saitama has the power to knock someone out with one punch.

Art Style

The art style was great. All the characters were cool to look at with amazing powers. No one looked out-of-place in this anime. I love the two different art style for Saitama. His serious face was normal and cool looking and was used in the right moments like when he was shocked or scared his face would like a normal regular character you would see in this type of show. His other face was used almost all the time throughout the show, he looked like an egg that had just finished boiling XD.



This was a hilarious and full of life anime. You could tell how much effort Studio Madhouse put in this. The comedy was spot on and funny always. The action was great, the animation was so fluid and colourful. The opening theme song is amazing. It’s gets you pumped up and ready to watch the episode.

Especially if you’re seeing it the first time. I was so amazed by the intro that I had to stop the show on the first episode and listen to that opening. The visuals were great and fit in with the theme of the show. I was surprised I didn’t see Saitama or Genos running on the spot in the opening.

One Punch Man 11

This is an anime that is meant to praised, I’ve been trying to find a nitpick to talk about but I can’t think of anything XD. It was just so good!  For season 2, I would like to see the other characters in the show more fleshed out. A funny and beautifully animated anime that was worthy of the hype it got. Thanks for reading. 🙂

What did you think of the show? Let me know below!

One Punch Man 3

Title: One Punch Man

Genre: Action, Comedy, Parody, Super Power, Seinen, Sci-Fi, Supernatural

Released Date: October 5, 2015 – December 21, 2015

Episodes: 12

Director: Natsume Shingo

Animated: By Madhouse




  1. While I enjoyed this, I kind of found by the second half it was getting just a little too repetitive so I’m not certain I’m up for a second season of this. Still, some of the fights were pretty cool and I really like Genos as a character.


  2. Genos is a great funny character. Normally I don’t like anime getting repetitive. If it does I normally drop it after giving it a chance. One Punch Man had great main characters and was a funny comedy that has me excited for the next season! 😀

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