Anohana Episode 1

Great intro to a lovely anime with a sad but great opening song. 

Anohana 1

We meet Jintan who is playing games in his house while a girl called Menma pesters him about the game. The next scene shows him making eggs when his uncle (really his dad) asks him to make him some. Right off the bat i noticed that Jintan’s dad didn’t notice Menma was in the room with Jintan.

This striked me as strange as Menma said hi to him but he didn’t respond. This lead me to believe that only Jintan can see Menma. After Jintan passes out due to Menma sitting on his lower region (yikes 0_0 not a place for a girl to sit on…. ever) we cut to the next scene. Jintan’s flashback.

Anohana 2.PNG

Jintan has a flashback of his childhood were he climbs a tree while five of his friends including Menma watch him catch a beetle. Menma is congratulated for catching a beetle by his one of this friends, when Menma approaches Jintan and tells him she has a wish. I liked this scene it was cute. It captured the fun that is childhood, catching beetles, climbing trees *sighs*.

What a great childhood. Just kidding 🙂 the only thing I caught was Beyblades with my neighbour. We had the giant Beyblade dish you know the one’s that the Beyblade tv show would do battle in. Except we didn’t have cool environments for our beyblades to battle in. Just a cloudy sky or rain because UK. -_- Once thing i couldn’t get over was that I couldn’t let it rip *goes to sulk in a corner*.

*coughs* Ok so the next scene of Anohana is after the opening. Jintan mentions to Menma that she is only “here” due to Jintan’s stress. A manifestation. I found this interesting as this tells use that Menma is dead. Well it told me that. Jintan then asks Menma about her wish and she says she doesn’t know, she only knows that it’s a wish that can’t be made without everyone together. I assumed she meant to kids in Jintan’s flashback.

We meet Anaru, one of the girl’s from Jintan’s past, she gives him the summer schoolwork their teacher asked her to give to him and it here we learn than Jintan does not go to school at all. We also get the confirmation that only Jintan is the only one that can see Menma as when Memna hugs Anaru, she asks why her shoulder is heavy. It’s sad to see that Menma is surprised that Anaru can’t see her. Jintan asks Anaru why he gave him his schoolwork as he doesn’t even want to go to school.

Anohana 4.PNG

Anaru doesn’t care whether he goes and that he’s a disgrace which shock Jintan and she leaves. I’ve gotta say I’m surprised she said he was a disgrace, I mean sure he doesn’t go to school but maybe he has a reason for not going to school. To call him a disgrace was going to far in my opinion, part of the reason is because Anaru suddenly says it as if what Jintan said really pissed her off. 

Menma is annoyed at Jintan because he didn’t ask Anaru to grant her wish. Jintan responds and tells Menma that Anaru has changed and isn’t the same as when they were kids, if you ask her to help she won’t is what Jintan said. Menma pleads with Jintan to go to her and ask her to help grant her wish and Jintan agrees but not until he sees a flashback of little Menma for a second. He agrees because of this.



Jintan decides not to go to Anaru’s house for reason’s unknown and spends time with Menma and mentions that she hasn’t changed at all and she is just a figment of his imagination. Why does he keep saying that? He a teen in denial about his friend existing in front of him. He keeps trying to convince himself he’s not insane at least that’s the way I see it.

They come across Yukiatsu and the Jintan’s other childhood friend (they don’t mention her name). When Jintan mentions that he was talking to Menma in response Yukiastsu asks him what he was doing, Yukiatsu says that Jintan doesn’t go to school at all he does in mention Menma’s name.

He asks him if he’s gone insane, to which Jintan runs away after hearing that. The girl next to him says that he becomes a different person whenever Menma’s name is mentioned. This was an interesting scene it highlights the struggle these kids have coming to terms when Menma’s death, it looks like they were really young when it happened.

Anohana 5


We get another flashback to Jintan’s past and this highlights his regrets towards Menma. When little Anaru asks Jintan if he loves Menma, Jintan calls Menma ugly but before he goes on he stops himself to see Menma’s reaction. And he’s surprised that she doesn’t cry because she’s a crybaby, instead she smiles surprising Jintan and he runs away.

Later he thinks about why he ran off, he couldn’t face her smile, it tugged at his heart, He wanted to go back and apologise to her but he never got the chance as she died. That’s really sad, to know that Menma dies before Jintan could apologise and he carries that around with him. That’s a lot of baggage, no wonder he doesn’t go to school and only goes outside if he needs to.

Menma goes home to her family as Jintan told he only remembers the bad memories because she’s around. What is a nice thing to say.*rolls eyes* This is a cool scene as we get to see what life is like at home without Menma. Menma’s mum is at her shrine with a bowl of curry on the shrine as it’s Menma’s favourite food.

Anohana 7.PNG

This is what drew Menma to her house. Menma’s brother mentions that what his mum is doing is an eyesore and the dead don’t eat. His mum tells him to not say that. She also mentions that Menma is an airhead who probably doesn’t know she’s dead, she says this with a small smile on her face.


Anohana 6.PNG

But Menma cries and says she’s knows she’s dead. I suspect that she’s always known but just hide it for Jintan’s sake. Maybe she didn’t want to think about the past and enjoy seeing her friends and family. I have to say I dislike Menma’s brother and like at the same time. Why? He’s clearly grieving for his sister but hides it by lashing out. I fell very sorry for Menma’s family. No one deserves to go through this pain.

Jintan runs outside and looks for Menma as he feels bad. He mentions that he thinks he created Menma in his head just so he could apologise to her. He runs up to the old clubhouse he and friends played in before Menma’s death.T

hey drifted away which is why they don’t talk to each other any more. It really shows how much of an effect, Menma’s death had on all of them. This is really sad, imagine a friend died and your group drifts away, it would be really lonely especially if you would only leave the house if necessary.


Jintan stumbles across his old childhood friend, Poppo who seems to be living at the clubhouse for quite some time and that’s where episode 1 ends. I like this episode it shows the changes and suffering that these characters have been holding on to years after Menma’s death.

Stay tuned for my review of episode 2 of this 11 episode show!