Clannad Episode 1

I haven’t watched this anime a while, it’s still good I guess just takes a while to get into it.

The episode opens with a high school student talking about how he hates this city, he does the same things everyday and that’s what makes his life boring. The only attachment he has for this city are memories he wants to forget about. The one thing he mentions that’s important is that he has a home he doesn’t want to go back to. It showed me that this character will be a cynical character.

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He comes across a girl on the hill that leads up to his school. She asks him if he likes this school, he doesn’t respond as he believes she talking to the person within her heart. The girl continues on talking to herself as she hasn’t noticed they guy yet “fun things, happy things” “They can’t all possibly remain the same”. She’s right things don’t stay the same, I’m glad she said this and the guy was next to her was listening. It told me that this would give me a different type of feeling as the show went on.

The guy responds to her and says “just find new and happy things”. The girl looks at him listening and doesn’t respond, she just has a surprised look on her face. He tells to come on, that their going to school and they start to walk up the hill. Before they walk up the hill the scene pauses on a moment on the two characters in quick flashes. This scene to me represented that they were destined to meet.

We learn that the guy’s name is Okazaki and we follow him as he goes to visit his friend, Sunohara. He sees that Sunohara is being beaten up by the rugby team (comedy moment) and when Sunohara asks for help, Okazaki says he doesn’t want to be idiocy. It was pretty funny.

Why is Sunohara being beaten up?Because he was listening to his music to loud, this is not the first time this has happened as Okazaki questions why they (the rugby team) don’t get tired of doing this every day. Sunohara is helped by the “dorm mother” Misae who says it’s Sunohara’s fault. I completely agree with Misae.

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We cut to Sunohara’s dorm room where he and Sunohara interact a bit, Okazaki enjoys worrying Sunohara about the rugby team by kicking the wall. Sunohara says that he’s get the rugby team back, while Okazaki mentions that he’s won’t have Sunohara’s back when he asks him if he can count on his support. Their interactions were great and we got to see a funny side to Okazaki. Okazaki then talks about how an ordinary day ends and that he has no goal or passion for anything. Okazaki is a character that’s just bored with his life.

The next day, Okazaki is late for school and we’re introduced to Ryou, the class president. She talks to him a bit and tells him through her fortune-telling that he will have a romantic encounter with a girl when he hears that, Okazaki brushes it off.

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We’re then introduced to Kyou a tsundere who is Ryou’s twin sister who comes into the room asking Okazaki why he is picking on her little sister.He was only talking to her he says while Ryou tells Kyou he wasn’t picking on her. After she’s satisfied with their answers, she jokes about a bit and then leaves. Good! Hmmph! I already don’t like her, I’m not a fan of tsundere’s. Even when their dere side pops up after 28 episodes or in manga 50. *rolls eyes*

This was a nice scene, its show’s Okazaki sitting down and getting the know the girl who was at the bottom of the hill. She’s tells him she’s repeating because she was really ill and we can see that this is the reason why she’s eating alone. She does not have any friends as they have moved on. It’s sad for her not to have any friends as she’s a nice girl.

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Okazaki tells her if she looks so sad, how will she make friends and encourages her to wave at two girls on the balcony. They don’t see her but Okazaki tells her to keep at it. I like Okazaki’s character because even though he doesn’t know it, he likes to push people. It’s kind of funny as he says he has no goal or passion for life, he hates this town as there’s nothing for him in just bad memories. But we can see that he’s already shared a nice moment with the girl. I’d say that’s a nice memory, one he can look back fondly on, so it’s not all bad for him.


Clannad 9

Another Introduction… Ok the silver haired girl is Tomoyo and she just transfered into Okazaki’s school in spring. She is a junior that stops bikers from another school from harassing people. This girl is cool, kicking bikers off their bikes like it’s nothing! Okazaki, Sunahara and the brown haired girl (don’t worry we learn her name in the next scene *mutters* finally) all watch Tomoyo beat up these guys in spectator view which was cool to look at.

Okazaki talks about how Tomoyo’s situation is similar to brown haired girl’s only difference is she’s popular. Okazaki says it depends on the individual. Again he’s encouraging her to be more open. What a nice guy. The two introduce themselves and we finally learn the girl’s name Furukawa Nagisa. What a nice name :). We also learn Okazaki’s full name, Okazaki Tomoya. His name is nice i guess, though Nagisa’s name sounds cute.

The next scene is a comedic moment. Sunohara challenges Tomoyo to a fight. Why? He believes that a girl can’t beat guys. Tomoyo shows him she can’t beat him by kicking him. Hard. He complains that he’s beaten after she leaves. I say Sunohara deserved to get kicked, he’s a character that looks for trouble.

Okazaki comes across Nagisa looking into the drama club room, they find out that no one is in the drama club. Okazaki tells Nagisa that the drama club closed down, he also tells her if conditions are met they can open up again. He tells her to give it another go. When he’s asked by Nagisa why he’s being so kind to her as they’ve only just met, Okazaki say he’s doesn’t know but decides to help her. He’s bored with his life but secretly want to connect with people, that’s what I think anyway.

We get to see what Okazaki does after school. He drinks a from a can, watches a guy play on a guitar looking bored and then goes to sit on a bench yawning. He really does nothing with his life. He acts like he’s delaying going home for as long as he likes, and it made we wonder what is going at home that he needs to stay out so late.We get a flashback with Nagisa, she’s telling Okazaki that her house is the bakery in front of the park and that he should come visit. And he does.

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He walks into a store and sees some bread and hear the voice of a woman telling him that it’s this week’s new release. She tells him it’s ok to try it and to not worry about paying since it’s a leftover. He bites into it and she’s tells him it’s a rice cracker bread and he bluntly tells her it’s a failure and it’s natural she get’s leftovers. Jeez! Does this guy not know kindness, I forgot he said this! She runs out of the store crying that her bread is bad and I felt sorry for her.

A man suddenly appears wielding a baseball bat and tell Okazaki he should have lied. The woman is his wife as we find out and he tells Okazaki while hitting him with his baseball bat that he should have said her bread was good. He surprisingly mentions that all the neighbours eat her food and say it’s good. Yikes, how is business still going… I mean i feel sorry for her? *shrugs*.

Anyway the guy stops hitting him and notices his wearing the same uniform as Nagisa. We find out that the two people are Nagisa’s parents. The next scene shows Okazaki sitting with Furukawa family. Nagisa’s dad says that he should have told him earlier that he was Nagisa’s friend. The two parent’s look happy that Nagisa’s found a friend.

Okazaki introduces himself and Nagisa’s dad says it’s a puny name, the Furukawa’s give Okazaki food and he eats with them.Lovely scene show’s the weirdness that is family for some people. I noticed that Okazaki was uncomfortable with the weirdness that is the Furukawa family, I found them funny and interesting especially Nagisa’s dad. We find out why Okazaki is uncomfortable in the next scene.

Okazaki on his way home comments about Nagisa’s family. “So there are families like that too”. He arrives home to see the living room dark, he turns it on and there we see his dad passed out drunk. He wakes him up and his dad tells him he’s troubled him again. Again hmm… that’s really sad and makes me feel sorry for Okazaki. I mean what do you when you have a drunk dad? He runs out of the house frustrated.

We find out about Okazaki’s back story, his mum died in a car accident when he was little and Okazaki believes that this is where things started to go wrong. I like that they showed the back story now rather than later episodes because we got see why Okazaki hates this city, why he’s so cynical He jokes about with Sunohara a hide a lot of his pain and frustration. It was a nice scene, but it was a sad scene too.

Okazaki is sad and frustrated and needs somewhere to run to. And where does her run to? To Nagisa’s house where he see her and she says “If you wish… …would you like me to take you there”? “To a place in this city where wishes comes true”. Interesting words… Why did you she say that? Unfortunately I don’t know.  It’s been a while since I watched this anime ok? But.. we’ll probably find out in the next episode. Maybe…*shrugs*

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