Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 3

In this episode, Eren, Mikasa and Armin are training to become Recon Corp Members. It was a nice episode with cool characters. (Spoilers for Episode 3)

In this episode, we get to see how Eren thinks. One of the scene’s I liked in this episode when a couple of other trainees, ask Eren what it was like to see the colossal titan. Eren mentions how the colossal titan had barely any skin and had a huge mouth. But when Eren was asked what the normal titans were like, he freezes and covers him mouth as he has a flashback to when his mum was eaten in front of him.

Attack 35.PNG

Now here’s the scene I like when one of the trainees tells everyone to give Eren some space, Eren suddenly becomes confident and acts like the titan are not big deal. He also mentions that he will join the Recon Corps and eradicate the titans. This further cements Eren’s dream of taking out all the titans. This scene was good, it tells us that Eren does not want to look weak he doesn’t want  people to think of him like that.He acts confident to hide his fear that I’m sure he has deep down.

Eren talks to Jean Kirschtein who’s been listening to Eren’s conversation and mentions how Jean wants to join the Military Police to take the easy life. Jeans says that even though he want to take the easy life as a member of the military police, it’s better than acting tough when your scared.

This prompts Eren to stand up and Jean as well, they don’t get to finish though as the bell rings. Jean apologies and asks to just let their conversation go to which Eren agrees. I liked this scene because it showed Eren will stand up for himself if someone decides to badmouth him.

It also showed that Jean while they were talking was unwilling to back down as well just because he thinks Eren is crazy for even considering joining the Recon Corps. The only problem I had with this scene was that Eren should not be acting like he’s looking for a fight.

Attack 34.PNG



We get an interesting scene between Eren, Armin, Bertholdt and Reiner two trainees that Eren approached to ask for advice about how to master the 3D Manuever Gear training. After Reiner tells Eren he has not advice for him, Eren and Armin find out that Reiner and Bertholdt are from a village to the south-east of Wall Maria so this meant that no one told them the titans were coming.

Attack 36.PNG

Bertoldt mentions how Eren and Armin are different from the guys who haven’t experienced the titans up close. We get to find out from Bertoldt that most of the trainees enlisted in the Training Corps to protect their social status as choosing to work at a factory at 12 is cowardly.

This was good to know as it shows that in this world, social status is very important and none of the other trainees wanted to work in a factory but they were pushed to the edge so they had to join the Training Corps. I can’t imagine how scared these guys are.


The last scene is where Eren tried to tackle the 3DMG again, he look like he’s mastered it at first but hangs upside down again and it’s here we see the training commander ask a trainee to hand Eren his belt.

This is where we find out that the only reason Eren failed the 3DMG before was due to a the broken metal fittings on his belt. His fellow trainees mention how Eren succeeded with faulty equipment. I like that his fellow trainees are impressed, it looks like they won’t doubt him now.

The training commander allows Eren to pass. We then see Eren look at Mikasa with confidence mentioning that he doesn’t need to depend on her anymore. Armin tells Mikasa how Eren is challenging her with his eyes but she says that because they don’t have to be separated now he’s relieved.

Attack 37.PNG

The look on Armin, Bertoldt and Reiner’s faces were amazing. Especially Reiner’s. I personally think that Mikasa is way to attached to Eren and needs a hobby or something…

That’s it for this episode. Let me know what you thought below.