A Lull in the Sea Episode 1

This is a visually pleasing anime. (Some Spoilers)

We’re introduced to Hikari, Manaka, Chisaki and Kaname who live in the sea. The kids are going up to the surface school as their own school closed down.

The kids introduce themselves in front of the class. Some of the class laugh at them while one mentions how it stinks of fish, Hikari introduces himself and shoots back that all surface people smell like pigs.

*claps* Oh real mature Hikari, now the class looks at you in a certain light which is what you don’t want as it’s your first day at a new school. Just because someone is rude to you, doesn’t mean you need to be rude back. But his character has already been shown to be an angry character.

Hikari turns to Manaka and tells her to be rude as well, to which she refuses and looks at a the boy who fished her up at the beginning of the episode who is at the back of the class, not looking at Manaka and co. Hikari yells at Manaka while roughly grabbing her, to do it.


I don’t like the way he yelled at her, he came of as possessive and controlling as he clearly likes Manaka. But that’s no way to talk to a girl or anyone for that matter. Manaka didn’t like it as well as she says she won’t talk to him anymore.

Manaka has run away due to being embarrassed earlier in the show. Hikari, Chisaki and Kaname look for her. Hikari tells Chisaki and Kaname to go back to see as he frantically continues to look for her. It turns out Manaka is alright as she was helped by the dark-haired boy from earlier. Hikari runs past her and grabs the dark-haired boy aggressively asking him what he did to Manaka. It’s obvious that the guy did nothing but help her but Hikari doesn’t see that, all he’s seeing is red.


You see dark-haired boy is a threat to Hikari as he could take Manaka away from him as she likes him. We learn that his name is Tsumugu thanks to Manaka and this enrages Hikari who mind you has been worried about Manaka. As Hikari and Manaka are swimming home the sound of the sea people singing drift up to them. The last shot is beautiful as it show’s Hikari and Manaka’s home, the colored lights shining in the distance brings on a sense of comfort to me.It feels like I’m back home with them.

LS 3

It makes we want to be in this anime and live in the sea. Although I wouldn’t like people touching my ena.

Can’t wait to write about next episode.