Angel Beats Episode 1

Introduction episode to the world and characters.

The characters in this show are really interesting and this is only the first episode. This episode made me want to find out what happened to these characters and why they were sent to the world their in. Otonashi is our main character and he’s just woken up in this world.

Confused and shocked, he wants to find out why he’s in this world.  Otonashi finds a group of students called the afterlife battlefront, their leader tells him out of the blue to accept this world and he tries to but he has questions.


Questions that need answers. Who is Tenshi? Why are the afterlife battlefront after her? After he has some time to think, Otonashi joins the afterlife battlefront. He gets some of his questions answered thanks to the group leader, Yuri who explains the rules of this world to him.

Later in the episode, the battlefront prepare to fight Tenshi. Otonashi joins them and come face to face with Tenshi. He hesitates to fight her as expected of him, even though he’s joined the battlefront he’s still not clear of the rules and believes that Tenshi is innocent even though she stabbed him earlier.

It’s only natural for Otonashi to hesitate he isn’t used to this world like the other battlefront members. Some time passes and some members of the battlefront join Otonashi and fire at Tenshi who dodges it all.

What I love about this scene is the concert that’s happening at the school. While the battlefront members are firing, the music increases in volume as the tension of the fight increases. It was a well done scene, especially the end with the beautiful confetti.

AB 3

The fighting in this episode was way over the top which I enjoyed as it introduces us to the way the battlefront works. The relaxing moments in this episode was lovely to see as we get used to this world. It’s kind of funny how I’m attached to the characters already, it shows me that I’m not going to regret reviewing this show.

I can’t wait to review next episode.



  1. The concert and fight sequence at the end of this episode were pretty amazing. I really got hooked during episode 1 too, though this show is a bit of an odd one as it progresses.


  2. It was a great combination of beautiful music and tension.

    I also love that we got to hear Otonashi’s thoughts, I can’t wait to see where he goes from here.

    Now it’s time for me to listen to the soundtrack, I was hooked on a couple of tracks they played this episode.

    Thanks for the comment.

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