Anohana Episode 3

Great episode for Anaru. (Some Spoilers for Episode 3)

Jintan goes back to school in this episode but doesn’t even get into school as he meets Anaru and then her friends. I don’t like her friends at all. The way they treated Jintan was horrible, just because he hasn’t been to school for so long doesn’t mean he has to be made fun of.

Anohana 17.PNG

I wish Anaru would ditch them as they are not her friends, is she blind to their bullying?. Anaru needs to stop pretending to be someone she’s not, being yourself is nothing to be shameful of. It’s understadable why she changed, to forget the past and her regrets. I hope she realises that she was fine the way she was. Jintan leaves after Anaru’s friends make fun of him.

Poppo decides to invite everyone to a meeting to find Menma who he sees earlier in the episode somehow. Jintan and Menma attend, Anaru attends and suprisingly Tsurumi attends. I was expecting her not to come, since I believe she doesn’t think Menma can exist. She even brought candles to summon Menma with, my question is why does she want to do this?

I liked that Anaru admitted that she gets influenced easily to Tsurumi. But I wish that she didn’t decide to wear a white dress just because Menma wore one. It shows that she’s still stuck in the past. I believe she can be a better person if she stopped focusing on the past. Look to the future. The past is the past, we all make mistakes but we learn from then and from there become better people who are able to focus on the future.

Anohana 18.PNG

Yukiatsu arrives with food and tells the group that he saw Menma. Obviously not since Menma is next to Jintan, Poppo and Anaru run to the stream as Yukiatsu mentioned he saw Menma there. He then tells Jintan that he’s not the only one who can see Menma and I’m just sitting here like what?

Anohana 19.PNG

What does Yukiatsu have to gain by telling Jintan this? And that’s when I realised that all along, Yukiatsu was jealous of Jintan and has always wanted to one up him and this is his way of doing it. But will Yukiatsu realise that gaining an advantge over Jintan (in his mind) serves nothing but only pain in the end?

Sometimes, and this is not a bad thing, I wonder if I will like where this show is going?

Only one way to find out.