Charlotte Episode 1

Wow.. The main character in this anime. I can’t wait to review the whole show. (Spoilers for episode 1)

Our main character is Yu Otosaka, a guy who has powers that he uses to his advantage in his school. Yu has the power to possess another person for five seconds. This guy is awful, he enjoys abusing his powers for no real reason . In his school, he possesses his classmates to pass his exam. I’m wondering why he doesn’t just study and pass his exams without the use of his powers, but I guess he wouldn’t find as much enjoyment as he does by taking advantage of people. He’s able to get into an elite high school by cheating.

Do you want to know how awful he is? He’s called out to the back of the school building and a girl is waiting for him there. She shyly asks him out and you know what his response is? He tells her that he needs to keep his grades up so he has to have time to sleep in order to study. Now I knew this was a lie straight away, I’ve already seen this guy’s personality he doesn’t care about people.

The girl says she understands and runs off. Poor girl, the way Yu spoke to he was awful. What Yu says after is what annoyed me the most about this scene. He says there’s no way he would choose normal girls like her. And calls her an Ilk? I Apparently it means of her type? I guess because she’s a shy girl? Anyway, did something happen in his past that turned him into a disgusting human being? That’s what it’s going to be right? That definitely what it’s going to be..

Charlotte 5.PNG


Yu has his sights set on another girl Shirayanagi Yumi, she is according to Yu the madonna of the school. Yu stages an accident using his powers and save Yumi, who is thankful and asks him to go to a cafe with her. He goes and she asks to see him again and he agrees. Great, he managed to get the girl. *shakes head* Yu gets called to the student council and is told he has to resit his exam as he has been accused of cheating. Yes, this is what I’ve been waiting for! He has to pay for abusing his powers.

Yu tries to use his powers on the student council president and is caught by the girl who’s been spying on him with her camera this whole episode. Her name is Tomori and she’s the student council president of another school.  You see, since she’s been filming him this whole time, she has evidence that he’s used his powers. Yu tries to deny it but Tomori shows him every piece of evidence she has on him.

Charlotte 2.PNG

Scared of the consequences, Yu runs away only to be stopped by another student with powers. I have to say guy with the glasses is cool with awesome powers. That scene was hilarious. Tomori catches up and tells Yu he has to transfer to her school. She tells him he’s not the only one with powers, which surprises him.

Charlotte 3.PNG

Um Yu isn’t that obvious? You didn’t think the guy with the glasses had powers? He skimmed you over a lake! Skimmed you over a huge lake! Maybe he was shocked at what was going on. Tomori has already got parent permission from Yu parents so Yu has no choice but to attend Tomori’s school.

Ok so the best scene in this episode was when Yu faces Yumi and he has to tell her he’s transferring, she asks why but he can’t tell her. Not allowed to as she’s a normal girl. Yu’s face when she basically dumps him was glorious. It was great to see that he didn’t get what he wanted in the end. Yu and his sister move to the academy and have to attend the school.

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I would like to say that I like Yu as a character and hate him for everything he’s done in the episode. He isn’t a good guy but that’s what makes him interesting. He also has cool powers which will be of use to Tomori. But the way he interacts with people is disgusting. The character designs are nice and the music sounds lovely.

I especially love the scene when Yumi asks Yu to the cafe, the soft music that was playing stopped for a second as Yu smirked as he’s accomplished his goal of making Yumi his. The music plays again and it gave me the feeling that I hadn’t seen Yu’s smirk and neither did Yumi.

I loved that Yu had his fake smile and innocent look about him as he agreed to go with Yumi. The music restarting also made me think of singers on stage, when they mess up a lyric, sometimes they asks that they start again. And the music starts from the beginning. The music was great and I’m glad I watched the episode again to see if I missed anything.  I hope that we get to hear the music cut again and restart next episode.

What did you think of this episode did you like it? Let me know.