Clannad Episode 2

We get to find out a bit about Okazaki’s past.

Okazaki and Nagisa decide to make a flier to recruit new members to the drama club. Nagisa tells Tomoya that he’s more suitable to become the drama club president. Okazaki reminds her that he’s only helping, he isn’t interested in the drama club and won’t join when the drama club opens.

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Okazaki tells Nagisa that she will make the final decision as she is the president of the drama club, he also tells her she can draw the flier as she likes. Okazaki then decides that after the two finish the flier, they should get the Big Dango Family as a reward for their hard work, which Nagisa agrees to.

The Big Dango Family is a piece of food that Nagisa likes. This was a lovely scene as we get to see Okazaki and Nagisa interact more. Honestly the two of them are more interesting characters than the other who have been introduced and it’s only the second episode. Maybe I just like them too much.

While at home, Okazaki paints The Big Dango Family as they don’t sell them anymore. It’s great to see Okazaki get more involved with Nagisa, it’s nice to see him helping out even he questions why he does it. Okazaki’s dad comes in and asks what he’s doing. His dad wants to help out and asks what do I do as he touches the dango stick. Okazaki shouts at him not to touch them and then asks him angrily why he is talking to him like a stranger. He also asks what he is to his dad. He runs away in frustration, taking the dango bag with him.

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Near the end of the episode, Sunohara asks Okazaki to skip school as it’s a saturday and a half day, which he does. The day before Nagisa told Okazaki to meet her at the school the next day to play basketball, she said this because Okazaki told her that he played basketball but quit after enrolling in school. I think she decided to play basketball with him because he sounded wistful as he spoke about not touching a basketball in a while. Okazaki runs outside in the rain to school because he doesn’t think Nagisa is there.

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But she is and she is soaking wet from the rain. Okazaki tells her she should have gone home as it’s raining but Nagisa tells him, they would have missed each other if she left. Okazaki tells her she wouldn’t have known if he’d come or not and Nagisa replies while smiling that he did. He’s always helping her and she wanted to return the favour, she asks him to take shot.

He tries to take a shot but doesn’t and this is where we learned what happened to him. Okazaki got into a fight with my dad when he was in his third year of middle school and injured his right shoulder. His right arm can’t move any higher than his shoulder. This was sad to hear, now it makes sense why he hates club activities as he can no longer play basketball. I suspect he blames his dad as well as it was kind of his fault. But mostly blames himself.

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Nagisa shocked, apologies as she keeps troubling him and she collapses and that the end of the episode. Nagisa shouldn’t blame herself, she was trying to help Okazaki out, she had not idea of his issue with him arm. I’m liking Okazaki and Nagisa more each episode. Both of them have their own problems with the way they see themselves, it’s great that the two can rely on each other.

I like that we get to hear more of Okazaki’s past. The reason he hates his dad makes a lot more sense. I hope we get to hear more of his past. I’d also like to hear Nagisa’ past as well. Bring her parents back! I’m not interested in the other characters. The music is this episode was great as well. From the moment when Okazaki told Nagisa he fought with his dad, to the moment when he reveals he can’t play basketball was amazing.

Through the music and the Okazaki’s voice actor, you can really tell how shocking and sad this revelation is. This is more shocking to Nagisa especially as she had no idea about Okazaki’s arm. It’s obvious that Okazaki problem with his arm explains why he hated club activities. I hope he’s able to tackle this issue in the episodes to come.

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