Danganronpa The Animation Episode 1

The character designs are what drew me to this show. Also Monobear is adorable. (Spoiler for Episode 1)

Makoto Naegi is our main character’s name and he just got into Hope’s Peak Academy, a school that accepts top students into their school based on their talent. Naegi talent is that he’s lucky. Luck? Weird talent. But it got him into the school. Naegi meets 15 other kids who each have their own talent.

When I read their names and talent, I found some of them interesting such as Celestia whose talent is gambling, Leon who’s good at baseball and Kirigiri. I noticed she doesn’t have her talent on the introduction billboard they gave her and that immediately makes her interesting to me. The way the character introduction were done, was cool and I haven’t seen anything like it in anime before. 

While Naegi to his old school acquaintance, Maizono Sayaka we’re suddenly introduced to Monobear a stuffed bear who pops up onto the podium. He tells everyone he’s the principal much to everyone’s shock as he’s a stuffed bear.  He tells them that he’s decided to have them all live together at the school forever. He also says that if they want to leave the academy, they will have to play by a rule. Only students who have killed someone will be allowed to leave the school.


The group meet up the next day and talk about what they found out about the school, some students checked to see if there was way out, some found a staircase leading up to the second floor and one found out there are cameras in the dorm rooms. There is a time period from 10pm to 7pm and it’s called Night Time, some areas are off-limits to the students. Celestia wants to add a rule to the Night Time rule, to ban anyone from leaving their rooms at this time.


She goes on to say that without her banning rule, they would spend every minute worrying about someone getting into their room and killing them. I thought what Celestia said was a great idea, it was nice to see someone step up. That’s not to say I think everyone else are cowards, because that’s only natural. They’ve been locked in a school and have been told they have to kill each other to get out. I would definitely be scared.

Anyway Monukuma come out of nowhere and wonders why no one in the group has murdered anyone yet. He realises that these kids need a motive and he tells them he’s left them a “gift” in the AV room.


Naegi and everyone else go to the AV room and Naegi plays the video that’s been left for him. It’s his family, congratulating him on getting into Hope’s Peak Academy, the video then cuts to where the family were sitting on the couch, the room is dark and the couch, the TV and the windows are all broken and ripped up, as if someone broke in.

Naegi is shocked and scared and want to get out of the school, so does everyone else especially Maizono who screams and cries and runs out of the room. Naegi stops her, calms her down and promises he will get her out of there. She cries into his chest. As she cries, you can hear Monobear laughing evilly and that’s where it ends.


This was an ok introduction to a concept that has been done before, but I haven’t seen any order killing high school anime just heard some things, I like that this won’t be an ordinary high school life for everyone, some of the characters are pretty interesting. Cool and colourful character designs as well. The music is ok nothing special, but who knows it might surprise me.

Now let’s face it, Naegi won’t keep his promise to Maizono it’s obvious something is going to happen and it won’t be pleasant. And I can’t wait for see everything fall apart. Not interested in Maizono she seems to kind, although I’m suspicious of her, I believe she might just be acting when it comes to interacting with Naegi. I don’t know, it’s just she’s too nice to him and come off as fake to me, I just have that feeling about her character.

I want the next week to hurry up , I want to see where this anime goes and how far it goes in the killing department. Does that make me sound crazy?

I hope not.




  1. Yes, this anime is quite the series! I watched this season a while ago (now on the third season of the franchise) and really enjoyed it. In my opinion, I really liked it, but the characters have fast introductions and don’t get as much attention as they do in the games.
    I’m so glad you are reviewing each of the episodes of this anime. I think you are going to really enjoy it!

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  2. It’s so good! I can’t wait to review the next one! 🙂 I heard some things about the games and what happens but I’m reviewing this show as If I didn’t hear anything. It makes me feel better doing that.

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  3. The third season has a different environment to the compared to the first season and first 2 games. There’s so much violence, but there’s also more information on in inside of Hope’s Peak Academy.
    There are two arcs to the third season: Future Arc, which is about the characters who survived the first game. Then, there’s Despair Arc, which is about the characters from the second game.
    Before getting into that season, you may have to watch the second game in order to understand what is happening in the anime, especially in Despair Arc.
    I’m not done with the third season yet, but I will be very soon. It’s really good and it will give you a TON of feels, along with the second game.
    Hey, if you want, you can check out a review from my blog about Danganronpa Season One. I hope you enjoy it, if you get the chance to read it.

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