A Lull in the Sea Episode 2

Unnecessary love drama in this episode. *sighs* I knew what I was doing when I decided to review this. Doesn’t mean I have to like it.

In class as the surface school, Hikari’s teacher asks if anyone wants to try building Ojoushi-sama. He tells the kids that the Ojoushi-sama is a part of the Ofunehiki. He mentions that in the original Ofunehiki, a girl would be sent off as a sacrifice and offered to the Sea God. Instead of using an actual girl now, they just send off a wooden doll called an Ojoushi-sama.

He then asks the class if there is anyone who will like to participate in the voluntary Ofunehiki. Tsumugu putS his hand up which prompts Manaka to put her hand up, then Hikari, Chisaki and Kaname.


Later in the episode, the kids are building the Ojoushi-sama with Tsumugu and Manaka asks him how wide Ojoushi-sama is around the waist, he answers and then asks about the fish in Manaka’s leg. Now we know that at the beginning of this episode, the fish left Manaka’s leg but she lies and tells him it’s still sleeping.

I think what I found interesting in this scene was the camera focusing on Hikari and Chisaki. I was expecting the focus to be on Manaka’s face after she lies, just to see her expression but it focused on theirs. I was wondering what the point of that scene was, we already know they are aware that Manaka’s lying so why the focus.

Is it because Hikari has feelings for Manaka and Chisaki has feelings for Hikari? If so, I know this already and so should you by now. Right? It was so obvious when Tsumugu was talking about how much he loves the sea. The focus on Manaka’s face, then Hikari and lastly Chisaki *rolls eyes* it was way to obvious.


So we get Chisaki in the next scene, realising that Manaka does like Tsumugu. She has a flashback to when Kaname told her if Manaka were to disappear, she would be next to Hikari. She horrible, thinking like that she says to herself. We find out that Tsumugu is digging a watering hole for the four sea kids. That nice of him because the sea kids always have to consider the time whenever there doing anything because their ena dry’s up quickly.

Tsumugu also mentions that he hopes Manaka’s fish will like it. I like him he clearly loves the sea and it’s great that he’s a regular human as this will help the kids especially Hikari see that not all surface people are bad. Chisaki whispers to herself as Tsumugu is leaving. She says that Tsumugu shouldn’t be kind to Manaka because Manaka has Hikari.


Why did Chisaki have to go and say that? First of all Manaka can’t help who she falls for. I understand that Chisaki doesn’t want things to change as she wants to stay with Hikari and the other’s forever but life doesn’t always work the way you want it. Sometimes you have to go through change and there’s nothing you can do about it. Second of all, I know she has feelings for Hikari but she shouldn’t be letting that cloud her judgement when it comes to Tsumugu. Manaka doesn’t belong to anyone, she can choose to do what she wants, the other’s can give her advice but at the end of the day she’s going to do what she feels is right.


Chisaki didn’t need to say this at all, what does Tsumugu being kind to Manaka have to do with her. Is it because of Hikari? Manaka shouldn’t be afraid of Hikari just because she has feelings for Tsumugu. If Hikari get’s annoyed about it, then that’s his problem and he can come to terms with his jealousy on his own, it’s not really Chisaki’s place to say anything at all. I get it she’s a friend but still. Tsumugu is a nice guy we’ve seen that, he shouldn’t stop being kind to Manaka just because Hikari is jealous. Chisaki was wrong for this even if she just whispered it to herself. Rant over XD

This was a good episode despite the love drama, I like that we get to know more about Tsumugu he might turn out to be an interesting character. I only wish that Kaname speaks more, I think his outlook on things is interesting.