Kiznavier Episode 1

This anime sounds cool, a boy who can’t feel any pain no matter how hard anyone hits him. I wonder what happened to him to make him like this?

Katsuhira Agata, also known as Kacchon to his friend, Chidori is a boy who can’t feel pain. It doesn’t matter if someone punches him, slaps him, kicks him, he can’t feel any of it. One day he meets his classmate Sonozaki Noriko who explains to him why he gets bullied by others, she says that he doesn’t express any emotion when he gets hits, nor does he struggle which frustrates others.

I thought this was an interesting way of telling the audience that Kacchon doesn’t seem to care about anything, we can see this through his facial expressions and the way he interacts with people. But when we hear his thoughts, it’s the complete opposite, he’s curious he wants to know why he doesn’t feel pain.

After Kacchon was pushed down the stairs by Sonazaki,  he and 5 other teens, including his friend, Chidori are kidnapped by Sonazaki and taken to some underground facility under the city. This is where they find out that Sonazaki performed surgery on the 6 teens to equip the Kizuna System. Sonazaki explains what the Kizuna System is.

But first she tells everyone how Kacchon jumped off the top of the stairs at the school which we know is a lie because we watched Sonazaki do it. So why is she lying? Anyway she explains that Kacchon’s body was badly damaged so she and other people evenly divided Kacchon’s pain among the 5 teens.



Sonozaki explains why this is happening and it’s because she wants a to find a hint that will lead to world peace. After she says this, everyone but Kacchon leaves as he wants to stay and talk to Sonozaki. Honestly I don’t blame this group for leaving, they all know they’ve been kidnapped and find Sonozaki crazy except Kacchon.

We get hear what Kacchon has been thinking this whole time and he says that he doesn’t understand his own thoughts and pain so how can he understand other? It was nice to get his thoughts on this, he’s asking the right questions compared to everyone else who decided to leave.

Sonozaki says that words are futile in answering his question and that only way to get the answer is to be bonded.



The scene cuts and we see the 5 teens who have left talking about how they’ve been forced into this situation. Now the last couple of minutes of this show is what captured my interest, up until now I was just watching and waiting for something to happen. Tenga pretends to do something perverted to Niyama (pigtails), this action results in her slapping him and once she slaps him, she and everyone else recoil as if they’ve all been hit.

Everyone wonders why they felt Tenga’s pain just now, Chidori realises this is what Sonozaki meant by sharing pain.



The episode ends after Sonozaki mentions to Kacchon that he will be facing challenges with his comrades that have been bound by his wounds, they will all be known as Kiznaivers.



Honestly the only two scenes I found interesting in this episode was the conversation between Sonozaki and Kacchon about the seven deadly sins and this last scene when the teens find out they’ve been connected. I understand this is the introduction episode, so they have to introduce the characters and set up the events but I thought some small scenes were unnecessary such as when Chidori asked her teacher to give a warning to the bullies.

I mean I get it she’s the nice character but this was obvious at the beginning of the episode when she expressed concern that Kacchon was giving away the money that his parents worked hard to give to him every month. Or the scene when Yuta asks Maki if she wants to go to karaoke and she declines rudely. We can tell she’s the reserved and rude character due to her facial expressions in this episode and due to the fact that the way she talks comes off as stand-offish.

But I get it, we’re getting to know what the character’s personalities are and how they interact with people. That’s fine but hopefully their interactions will pay of in this anime. I don’t want to see Tenga acting like a pervert all the time or Niyama acting weird and talking about fairies all the time. I hope it not like that every episode as it will get annoying and will be boring if they overplay it.

That’s episode 1 done, let me know what you thought of this episode below.


  1. I didn’t mind how this series started but gradually lost interest as the show progressed. There are some good character moments but a lot of it feels either unnecessary or cluttered (or directionless). I kind of wish they’d done more with the seven deadly sins thing introduced in this episode. That was kind of interesting and they do touch on it a few times but it is hardly a main point.

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  2. Really? That’s kind of disapointing to hear. I’ll continue with this anime and see where it gets to. If I’m bored, I’ll drop it.

    Thanks for the commenting again, it let’s me know someone’s interested in my reviews! XD

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  3. Some people really enjoyed how Kiznaiver went so it will probably depend on how you take the plot ‘twists’ along the way. For me it ended up being a bit too much teen drama.


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