Little Witch Academia Episode 1

The characters are adorable. Sucy best character.

This anime is about Katsuri Atsuko (Akko) , a girl whose dream is to follow the footsteps of her childhood idol, Chariot and become a witch. She’s a cool character, love her determination to succeed and her funny mishaps in this episode. She’s going to attend Luna Nova Academy but before she can get their she needs a broom to use the leylines to get to the school.


She doesn’t have one and even if she did, she can’t ride it so she’s stuck at the entrance to the school. I felt sad for her as the witches she met were horrible for her because she did not know she needed a broom They could have helped her out but they dislike non-witches which is a shame.Luckily for her another witch comes along, Lotte who offers her a ride and they go through the leylines to the school.

Due to Akko holding salt, which the leylines don’t like (don’t know why), Akko, Lotte and Sucy end up in the forbidden forest, Arcturus. Susy is a fellow witch that Akko met earlier in the episode but due to Akko irritating Sucy with her constant chattering, Sucy set magic snakes on her (which were actually ropes) and Akko fell off the bridge they were on.

Sucy ditched her while she fell. Anyway the girls are in the forest and come across a cockatrice, Sucy want the feather so she uses Akko and Lotte as bait, I thought this was funny because of Akko and Lotte’s faces.


Akko is able to summon Chariot’s shiny rod (wand) and uses it to escape with Lotte and Sucy. The episode ends with Akko finding out that she’s roommates with Lotte and Sucy for the next three years.


This was a nice episode. I like Akko, Lotte and Sucy. I know that Sucy used the two girls as bait but there’s something about her character that I like the most out of all the girls. I can’t decide whether it’s her character design or her voice. Akko is cool, very determined but surprisingly I didn’t find her annoying at all.

I mean she can’t help the situation she’s in, not knowing that she had to bring a broom and not knowing any magic. I think as the episode’s go along she’ll learn some magic and get a broom. I like that this show didn’t give her powers right of the bat. She will earn them in time.

So that’s episode 1, I enjoyed it the animation is beautiful and the voice acting is great. Akko’s character design is cute.

What did you think of this episode? Let me know.