Psycho Pass Episode 1

Cool Intro. I’ve never watched an anime that focuses on police before, so I’m excited! 🙂 (Spoilers for Episode 1)

We’re Introduced to Tsunemori Akane. It’s her first day at the CID and we follow her as she is tasked to stop a horrible crime from happening. You would think that the CID would train her first before sending her out to the field, but they’re short on manpower so she has to learn the ropes as she goes along.


We’re introduced to the weapon, Inspector Akane will be using. It’s called the Dominator, a gun that can paralyse or kill a person. The gun reads the Psycho-Pass of the target you aim at. It’s safety is released only when the target is a latent criminal. The dominator will let you know if you need to shoot a person or kill them and you do either one with no questions asked. The only people who can use the gun are Inspectors and Enforcers. This gun sounds cool and interesting.

While we get the explanation of the gun, we cut to a criminal with a woman who has been bruised and beaten up. Ok I’m just going to say this. I didn’t need to see her get raped. I could already tell by the bruises on her body and the way he’s talking to her that she’s either been raped before the scene or she’s only been horribly beaten. Hearing her crying and screaming was enough for me. The scene made me uncomfortable and sick to my stomach.

PP 5


So I’m not sure how this happened but the woman is classified as a potential criminal. Um Why? How does that work? So this prompts Inspector Akane and the Enforcers to close in on her and the criminal. One of the Enforcers shoots the criminal as he’s confirmed as too dangerous, so shoot to kill.

The criminal is blown apart and the Enforcers run after the victim. The victim has a lighter in her hand and is about to set herself on fire. That kind of threw me off as she has no pockets so where would she get the lighter from. Surely it wasn’t just on the floor? Right?



So Enforcer Kougami prepares to shoot the victim, to which Akane protests that the victim is innocent. Akane shoots Kougami and then calmly tells the victim to stop what she’s about to do and they will help her. The victim stops and Akane’s dominator tells her that the victim is to be paralyzed with a gun. I’m glad that things turned out okay for the victim, she didn’t ask for any of this and I feel this would have been a sad episode for me if she had died as she’s innocent in all this.



Ok so I had some problems with the way Akane acted in this episode. First of all you applied to work in law enforcement but you don’t know much about what this job is? Seriously? Your working with police, do you know what police do? They catch criminals.

Your job is to stop these people from committing crimes. The second thing is, I understand that the training academy didn’t teach you much about the dominator but I’m sure there’s a book somewhere or you call look online and that can tell you all you need to know the dominator. I’m sure a lot of people are aware of the dominator and what it can do. The training academy not teaching you much about the dominator, shouldn’t be an excuse.

Despite my problems with Akane in this episode, she did do a good job at least. She stopped the victim by calming her down which was great. But she’s in trouble with her superiors unfortunately because of it. I mean she did shoot Enforcer Kougami and I know he told her too earlier but still, she shot him.

I like her and I hope she learns from this as the way she acted, wasn’t professional at all. I hope she’s not annoying in this anime. Hope. It’s understandable that victim would freak out as she was raped and humiliated, this show really displayed how messed up the dominator system is.

It’s pretty flawed and because of this, I’d like to see how Akane and the Enforcers handle other situations in this anime. Also how will Kougami interact with Akane in the next episode?

By the way, I take back what I said about the gun, it’s not cool or intersting. At all. Maybe.. it’s a little interesting.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.