Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World Episode 0

That opening, I wonder when we get that? That’s what I’m reviewing for xD. Hey, I’m just being honest here.

Natsuki Subaru is at the corner shop when he is suddenly transported to another world. You know I have to say I like the way he was transported. He closes his eyes and opens them to find out he’s in another world just like that. So your probably wondering what kind of world he’s been transported to. Why, a fantasy world of course! That’s never been done before! It’s definitely not a cliché! Right? Right??. Yeah it’s overdone, It’s an irritating cliché. I decided to review this and I’m glad I did. That opening looks cool. Did you notice the blood?


Anyway so Subaru has opens up his eyes and sees a fantasy world. Looks like it’s set in the medieval era I guess. Subaru is a funny character, he goes around expecting certain things to happen. The cute girl that’s summoned him, saving someone will automatically make him the hero or the chosen one, this is what he thinks will happen, but he needs to remember things are clearly different in a fantasy world.

I will say though it was still funny to see despite what I just said. He’s a character that bounces all over the place, excited and interested in this world he’s stumbled in.

He meets a girl called Emilia who’s saves him from a group of bandits. Subaru thought he could take them on. Nope! That’s not going to work in this world, guess he’s got to earn his place. Emilia along with her spirit cat puck, is looking for the person who stole her insignia. It’s obviously the little thief Subaru saw in the alley before Emilia arrived.

Subaru decides to help her as she helped him. You can see that he’s grateful for Emilia’s kindness. Also he fancies her so there’s another reason for him to help her XD. Hopefully, Subaru doesn’t get too focused on Emilia’s looks.


This was a nice episode. There isn’t really much to say, a nice fun introduction to Subaru and Emilia. I don’t like puck, he rubs me off the wrong way for some reason even though he’s only been nice to Subaru. The only cute mascot character I accept is Chopper from One Piece.

You know, I think’s it’s because he reminds me of that annoying fairy girl in Sword Art Online. I’ve forgotten her name, you know the one who stayed with Kirito and Asuna and they lived as a family and that’s when I realised Sword Art Online was a waste of my time? *mutters* Should have realised it sooner…

So this was nice episode, I hope we get to that opening soon. The world is bright and full of magical creatures, I hope we get introduced to some species. I like world-building in anime, it doesn’t have to be in every anime.

But I need it sometimes to care about the world these anime characters are living in. Subaru is like a fish out of water in this episode and I like it. It will probably make for some good comedic moments and serious one’s as well.