Yuki Yuna is a Hero Episode 1

I’m getting Madoka Magica vibes from this anime. I hope it doesn’t go the Madoka route. The waterfall of colours pouring towards the school was gorgeous.

Yuki Yuna is a second year middle school student who is a member of the Hero club. The hero club is a club that strives to help people in need. Yuki is a girl who loves to help people in need. She likes to put smiles on people’s faces, this is more obvious with her friend, Togo who is in a wheelchair.

So this episode showed Yuki and her friends juggling school work and the hero club. It was ok, we got to know some of the characters a little bit and that was ok.


Things didn’t get interesting until Yuki and her friends were transported to another world. Inubozuki Fu also known as Fu-Senpai is aware of what’s happening.This was too obvious, someone always has to be aware of another world in these types of anime. She tells the other girl’s that they been chosen to fight an enemy called the Vertex.


Fu transforms into a magical girl along with her little sister and starts to fight the Vertex. They end up defeated and Yuki has to step in. This was really cool as Yuki hadn’t touched her phone to transform yet but as she was punching the Vertex she transformed into a magical girl bit by bit. It was a nice visual, the colour’s in this anime are beautiful.


The one thing I disliked about this first episode was I felt there was too much focus on their everyday lives. I get it, these girls are normal except Fu she was suspicious when she was talking to her little sister in the bike scene. These girls go to school, study and participate in club activities. They don’t know about anything else.

I don’t think we needed to be shown a lot of their everyday life. I also didn’t like Fu’s little sister she’s annoying. I never liked little sister character’s in anime. Most of the time that’s all they are, a little sister whose devoted to their big brother or sister. They will follow anything they say and it’s the same here for Fu’s sister.

I don’t like that Fu just allowed her sister to transform with her and attempt to fight. She’s just been transported to this world! She’s hasn’t got the experience you have, battling these Vertex!


What if she had died? What would you have done then? Fu is just letting her sister run about in her new clothes and almost get blasted by the Vertex! Does Fu have a brain? I don’t think so!

That’s your little sister, you get her to a safe place and then you can worry about the Vertex! Your older one out of all the girl’s for goodness sake! Your responsible for their lives if they die, you know! At least Yuna and her friend got to safety first, before she transformed to help Fu and her sister.

Despite my dislike of Fu’s little sister and Fu’s non-existent brain, this was a good first episode. I like only Yuki right now. Determined character’s are great, just so long as they don’t let their dreams to their head.