Attack on Titan Episode 5

This episode was brilliant! That’s all I can say! 😀 (Spoilers for Episode 5)

So Eren and the rest of the cadets are preparing to take out the titans who have entered the Trost District through the giant hole in the wall. Mikasa has been assigned to the rear guard but refuses to go as she feels she’ll only be in the way. The Soldier mentions that the civilian evacuation is going slow and they need elite guards on the frontline.

Eren tells Mikasa to get her head in the game, that no cares about she wants as mankind is on the brink of extinction. Mikasa apologizes and tells Eren not to die, Eren walks off without saying anything which bothered me.

Attack 45.PNG

First of all, Eren telling Mikasa that no one care about what she wants was harsh but true. The soldiers are out in the Trost District risking their lives to protect the civilians at the moment. There isn’t any time for hesitation. Another problem was Eren’s attitude towards Mikasa, I don’t think he needed to hit her head with this to get her attention and to tell her to focus on the mission at hand.

But this is Eren I’m talking about so why was I surprised at that scene, Eren seems to do the unexpected depending on the situation which makes him dangerous. Eren could at least tell Mikasa he wasn’t going to die out loud, instead of saying it in his head, it would have reassured that he would be alright. It’s clear that Eren doesn’t want Mikasa protecting him as he feels he can take of herself. I’m surprised he didn’t jump at the chance to let her know he will be fine.

Ok so have Eren, Armin and some other cadets preparing to fight the titans. Eren tells Armin that this battle is great for them, if they prove themselves they can be promoted when they enter the Recon Corps. Armin smiles at this, but it looks like they’ve got competition as Thomas says that he lagged behind Eren before, but this time he’s not losing. I like this scene a lot.

It’s obvious that Eren said this to encourage the squad to fight, he did to especially encourage Armin to fight as he was afraid of the titans earlier in the episode. It was great to see Eren step up a bit here.

Attack 46.PNG

So squad 34 use the 3dmg to go and assist the frontline guard, but they don’t get very far. A titan suddenly jumps up out of the nowhere, the whole squad dodges the titan, except not everyone did. Thomas is swallowed by the titan, which sends Eren into rage mode. You know, Eren should think about his actions as they have consequences.

Eren’s leg gets bitten off by a titan that jumped out of nowhere so he’s lying on the roof injured. The rest of the squad are taken out, except for Armin who is frozen in fear as he hears the screams of his squad.

Attack 47.PNG

He’s swallowed by a titan that finds him on the rooftop but Eren saves him and throws him on to the roof while he’s still in the titan’s mouth. There was a small flashback earlier about Armin discussing with Eren about how he wants to go to the outside world and see the ocean.

It was a sad flashback and Eren tells Armin he wants to go with Armin to see the outside world and the ocean. Armin reaches out to Eren so he can grab his hand and the titan but Eren is eaten and that’s the end of the episode. Wow.. This was great, Armin’s scream, Eren’s facial expression before he dies, it looks so broken and sad.

Attack 48.PNG

I have to admit, I cried a little bit in this episode. For Mikasa really, because when she finds out. I think hell will open up. Brilliant episode, the music, the animation, the characters, all of it was on point.