My Hero Academia Episode 3

Loved Deku’s training montage in this episode. I wonder when we’ll find out who gave All Might his quirk?

All Might was so impressed by Deku’s courage in the last episode that he has decided to pass on his power to Deku. I was surprised at this because I thought All Might received his powers at birth, but that isn’t the case as we find out in this episode that All Might inherited his power from his predecessor.

We don’t know who this person is, we just know All Might didn’t receive his power at birth. So that makes me wonder was All Might quirkless at well. If so, then he understands Deku’s pain more than anyone. That will make their relationship as student and teacher interesting.

So All Might wants to give his power, One For All to Deku, but All Might tells Deku his body isn’t ready for it now. He has to spend the next 10 months before the U.A. High entrance exam training his body so that he can have All Might’s power transferred to him.


This was a great scene as we can see Deku make the effort to become stronger through a training montage, he has to juggle school and his life at home to get stronger. So, your probably wondering what is Deku’s training? Deku has to clear up the trash that has built up over the years on the beach. Most of the trash looks heavy so it looks like Deku will be putting a lot of work in to get the beach clean.


After 10 months of hard training, Deku has done it. I was happy for him. He ate more, studied more and exercised more, all to achieve a body that will be good enough for All Might’s power. When All Might congratulates Deku on his hard work, Deku mentions that he feels like he’s cheating because All Might did all of this for him.

He cries as he’s so happy to have able to work hard. All Might says in his head that it was all down to Deku’s hard work. And he’s right, Deku was so determined to succeed that he overworked himself just so he’s ready for the U.A entrance exam. He was slow at the start but got used to All Might’s training schedule and succeeded in the end and I’m proud he pushed himself so hard.

I really felt for Deku when he cried, imagine if you were in this world and you were told you couldn’t be a hero because you are quirkless. But you still train hard and you realise your hard work has paid off. Wouldn’t you be crying too? Deku may have not said he was proud but it shows he’s proud of himself through his tears. 


So Deku has to eat one of All Might’s hair to receive his power. Yes, your reading this correctly, his hair. That’s gross but All Might mentions that so long as it has All Might’s DNA on it, it doesn’t matter what is given to him. Still gross though.

The next scene is Deku going to the U.A entrance exam, he’s very nervous as expected of him. Deku is relatable here as we all know what it feels like to be nervous before an exam. He meets a girl who saves him from falling and wishes him luck on the exam.

Deku excitedly says he spoke to a girl, but he didn’t actually say a word which made for a funny scene because of the expression on his face afterwards. He was so proud of himself that he didn’t notice he didn’t say anything to her.


So Deku and the rest of the examinees find out that they have to participate in a mock battle. They are split into groups to see who can get the most points from fighting a simulation full of villains. This sounds like it will be a fun and scary entrance exam for Deku.

I can’t wait to see him use All Might’s power. Hopefully people won’t notice his power is the same as All Might’s. This was a funny and informative episode. Deku and All Might’s relationship is great.