91 Days Episode 1

This was a great anime when I watched it last year. I wanted to watch it again so I thought I’d review it. Look at that face. So creepy right?. Those are the eyes of a man whose seen a lot.

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When Angelo Lagusa was a kid, he saw his family killed by a mob. After 7 years Angelo (who goes by the name Avilio Bruno now) returns to his hometown and reunites with his old friend, Corteo. Avilio wants to sell Corteo’s booze that he makes to the Vanetti family. So this story is about revenge, clearly but one wonders how Avilio will avenge his family?

Avilio and Corteo end up meeting Fango, who is Orco’s families new member who likes to sit back and watch his bodyguard beat people up. Fango attacks Avilio and Corteo but they manage to escape thanks to the person who wants to buy the booze. Fango was looking for Nero Vanetti who is revealed to be the guy who helped Avilio and Corteo escape at the end of the episode.

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What I love about this anime is that everyone is a bad guy at least that’s the way I see it. Some just have a choice in whether to take someone down using guns or their fists. Avilio is an interesting character, I know he’s on a quest for revenge it’s just how will he find the people who killed his family. How far will he go? Avilio doesn’t have anything to lose at all because he lost it all when his family were killed.

I guess you could say he still has Corteo. Corteo sees Avilio as a brother, but how does Avilio view all of that? Does he actually care about Corteo? Or is he’s just using his booze to introduce himself to the Vanetti family and that’s the only reason he came back? To use Corteo?

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Well he’s kind of accomplished coming into contact with the Vanetti family as he know’s who Nero Vanetti is. He seems like a normal guy, but he is with the Vanetti family, clearly a powerful family. I can see that Avilio has two problems here, Nero and Corteo. First of all he’s allied with Nero, that’s great but where does he go from here?

Will Nero just buy the booze and leave?, …no I don’t think so.. he might not want to let Avilio go because of how skilled Avilio showed he was back there against Fango. Avilio weapon is Knives, clearly he’s practiced handling them for seven years.

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The second is Corteo, he wanted to sell his booze to go to school, but now he can’t as he’s deeply involved with Avilio’s plans. Their friendship is going to be put to the test but in Avilio’s case was it a friendship to begin with? I mean yes, before Avilio’s family is killed there was a friendship but now? Corteo hasn’t seen Avilio in seven years! He must be an acquaintance to Avilio maybe not even that, no phone calls, no letters to Corteo were sent as far as we know.

This was a great start, I’m writing this as if this is the first time I’m seeing it. But if I remember anything important, I’ll be keeping it to myself for now until the time is right.


  1. I love your synopses on anime and know I can count on you to find my next—in which case I think this might be the next one because of my love for the anime Baccano (very excellent mob themed anime).


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