Haikyuu Season 1 Episode 1

My first sports anime. I’ve heard this anime is great. This was a nice episode.

Hinata Shoyo is watching a volleyball competition on TV.  Karasuno High School has a small spiker whose nickname is “the little giant”. He’s a guy who is able to jump higher than any of his taller opponents and teammates. While he watched the spiker, Hinata realised he wanted to become a volleyball player.

Unluckily for him at his school there isn’t a volleyball club, well there is but it’s the girl’s volleyball club. Hinata became the only member of the volleyball club. He was able to enter the preliminary volleyball championship with the help of his friends. His team is unfortunately against Kitagawa Daichi’s team.

Haikyuu 5.PNG

Hinata and his team are tiny compared to Kitagawa’s team which puts them at a disadvantage. I have to say I love the comparisons between Hinata and Kitagawa, they have an interesting rivalry already, both characters are eager to win and try so hard to prove in this episode that neither will back down when it comes to victory.. It was cool to see how determined Hinata is to reach his goal.

Haikyuu 6.PNG

The flashbacks shown in this episode was great although it made me sad as Hinata is the only member of the volleyball team at that moment and you can see he is so desperate for anyone to spike the ball or just spend some time with them. It’s great to see that the guys who were avoiding him in school or were refusing to just spike the ball to him in this episode. They are part of Hinata’s volleyball team and it’s clear that they aren’t as good at volleyball as Hinata but they still try their best.

Haikyuu 4.PNG

We find out that in this episode, Hinata is in the same school as Kitagawa which is great because I want to see some fights and arguments between them. Now I’m not someone who thinks that fights are always needed in an anime but I think a fight between Hinata and Kitagawa would do some good for them. Maybe they’ll end up on the same page.

Haikyuu 3.PNG

I wonder what’s going to happen next episode with Hinata and Kitagawa? I don’t watch previews as I don’t like to be spoiled. Let me know what you guys think of this episode.

Until next time friends!

Note: I think this is my shortest anime review on my blog. What do you guys think of the length of my reviews? Too long? Too Short? Let me know.