Snow White with the Red Hair Episode 1

I’ve heard great things about this anime. I’m going to like this anime a lot. 🙂

Shirayuki is a young girl who lives in the Kingdom of Tanaburn. She is herbalist who goes out into to the forest to collect some herbs and help the townspeople at her shop. One day, the Prince of Tanaburn wants to take her as his concubine due to her unusual red hair. Upon hearing this, Shirayuki decides to leave Tanaburn and cuts her hair ( it looks better short) and crosses the Tanaburn border into the Kingdom of Clarines.


Shirayuki sees a house in the forest and knocks on the door and asks if anyone is in. She realises no ones at home and decides to wait outside for the owner to come back. What a nice girl. Shirayuki meets Zen and his two friends, Mitsuhide and Kiki, the three of them hang out in the house Shirayuki sits next too.

I like Zen, he’s a cool character. Once he finds out that Shirayuki ran away because she was asked to be a concubine, Zen tells Shirayuki that her hair is the colour of fate. I thought this was funny for him to say because red anything in anime symbolises fate.

You know, the red string of fate that romance anime mention a lot? Zen believes Shirayuki’ hair is the red string of fate and it will connect her to something good when she least expects it.


A basket of apples has been mysteriously left at the door. Zen eats one and Shirayuki find out it’s poisoned. The guard that Shirayuki met back in Tanaburn tells her that the antidote for the poison is in the Prince of Tanaburn’s possession. Shirayuki agrees to go with if the Prince will give Zen the antidote.

We meet the Prince of Tanaburn and tells Shirayuki that because he has embarrassed her, he will make her his concubine. I have to say this Prince is disgusting. He actually wants a girl just because she has red hair. Seriously? What’s wrong with this guy? Was he handed everything to him on a silver platter? I’d like to find out his backstory, just to understand why he’s a disgusting human being.

But even if I find out, I’ll still hate because of he way he spoke to and treated Shirayuki as if she’s nothing but an object which she isn’t! She’s a human being and should be treated as one! Just because this stupid Prince hasn’t seen Shirayuki hair colour before, doesn’t mean he deserves to have her as some trophy! I hope we see him again, so that Zen can beat him up.Zen bursts through the doors and tells the Prince to never come near Shirayuki again. We find out in this scene, that Zen is the second Prince of Clarines.


This was not surprising at all given his and his bodyguards attire, not to mention the sword he’s carrying. A regular townsperson would not be holding that, they wouldn’t be able to afford it. At the end of the episode, Shirayuki decides to make her fate her own.You know, I like Shirayuki, she’s different from Female MC’s in shoujo, she not whiny or worrying about some boy. She’s a girl who trying to find her place in the world.

I also like her because she’s a herbalist, Female Mc’s usually have nothing going on in their lives besides studying and boys. But then again most Shoujo are set in a school I guess, so not much room to explore anything but the annoying boy drama right? Which guy do I choose!! *rolls eyes*

She’s a female character that I can finally relate to. Zen is great to, he strong, handsome and give good advice. If he hadn’t told Shirayuki to decide her own fate, I don’t think she would stood up to the Prince of Tanaburn as awesome as she did. I look forward to her growth and Zen’s.


Their chemistry is great as well, they bounce of each other well. Neither one is annoying or bossy, they’re just two nice people who happened to cross paths. A strong female character is all I ever wanted to see in a shoujo and I think I’ve finally found one whose not afraid to take risks.

Note: What do you guys think of my anime schedule? Are there any anime you recommend? Let me know.


  1. Snow White With the Red Hair is awesome. Normally I’m not big on sweet anime with nice characters, but Shirayuki and Zen are just kind of perfect together, as you mentioned, and it is always great fun. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the first episode.

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