Angel Beats Episode 2

The ending song is beautiful. And the image shown in the ending makes me want to cry for some reason. I think it’s the woman’s whose singing the song soothing voice. Then way she sings the song makes me feel sad. It was nice to hear.

Otonashi and the rest of the battlefront go down to the basement. They’re almost out of weapons so they to go to the guild a place where they can get new weapons. Along the way, the group come across traps that were set for Tenshi, the group don’t have a choice but to overcome the traps.

Everyone but Otonashi and Yuri are caught in the traps. It was pretty funny as we got to see each member caught in a trap. Yuri kicked Hinata (blue hair) for grabbing her in a place that he shouldn’t have and he fell , the group let T.K (English guy) hold the ceiling for them while they escaped, ninja girl fell for a trap as well, a stuffed toy dog in a box floating down the river.

It was hilarious, I love this group, the way they all left each other without caring was funny. But we know deep down they all care for each other.


We find out Yuri’s backstory in this episode and it’s sad. Yuri had 3 younger siblings. One day while their parents were out of the house, robbers came to their house demanding some money. One of the guy’s told Yuri that she should know where they money is kept as she is the oldest. She has 10 minutes to bring a valuable item or the robbers will kill one of her siblings every 10 minutes. Yuri desperately tries to find something of value, she fins a giant vase which is heavy.


She struggles down the stairs but trips and the vase breaks. The police arrive at the house 30 minutes later but it’s too late. Her siblings are gone and she’s the only one left.This was so sad, to know that Yuri tried her hardest to save her siblings but failed must have been hard to acknowledge.

It must have harder to accept as her memories returned to her, I love that she told Otonashi her backstory, its great that we’re going to get to know these characters and who they were before they died. Yuri is a lovely character, shes brave and wants to protect they people important to her, she wants to do whatever it takes to bring Tenshi down.

So, what pushed Yuri to tell her backstory to Otonashi was because she was feeling like she failed as a leader because she made her battlefront members handle the traps themselves. If this was real platoon and she just let everyone die, then it would all be over it what she says.

Otonashi and Yuri make it to the guild but it has to be blown up as Tenshi is coming. Yuri decides to buy the Guild some time as they need to set the explosives to blow up the Guild. The members of the Guild have decided they will go to the old Guild base.

Tenshi arrives and Yuri takes her head on, it was cool to see Yuri fighting up close it shows that she’s not afraid to get up and personal when she needs to. Tenshi is about to take out Yuri but Otonashi shoves her out-of-the-way much to his surprise.


The guild is ready to be blown up so Otonashi, Yuri and the Guild members escape leaving Tenshi behind. They arrive at the old Guild and Yuri calls all the members (they can’t die but they can still feel the pain of the traps.) and tells them that should all make their way to the old Guild as they have abandoned the old one. We hear Otonashi thinking about how Yuri is a great leader and the episode ends there.


This was a great episode, we get to find out Yuri’s backstory and we find out why she’s hard on her group. She wants to protect them the only way she can. Otonashi stepped up in this episode its great to see that he’s getting used to the group. I am too. I love them already :).  My favourite character has to be Hinata, I loved the way he was protecting Otonashi this episode. It’s like the two are already friends.

This was a fun episode overall. I wonder what the next episode will be about?