Anohana Episode 4

Wow this episode. Wasn’t expecting this at all. (Spoilers for Episode 4)

Jintan talks to Yukiatsu in this episode. But only because Tsuruko put him up to it. You see, Yukiatsu is still going on about Menma in this episode. He talks about how Menma told him that they should stop gathering together to talk about their wishes. Yukiatsu can’t see Menma, we know that so why does he keep saying that he’s seen Menma? Jintan tells Yukiatsu that his Menma told him that the Menma Yukiatsu saw is a fake.

Anohana 20.PNG

This is a lie, obviously, but it made we wonder why Jintan said this. Yukiatsu asks Jintan wy he’s acting so high and mighty. I don’t think Yukiatusu thought about what he said there. The one who is acting high and mighty is you, Yukiatsu. Constantly going on about how he can see Menma and she said this and that to him. What does this guy have to prove to Jintan and everyone else that he feels he needs to lie?

In the next scene, Yukiatsu asks Menma to come out that he wants Jintan to see her. So this is kind of weird as we see Yukiatsu open is wardrobe. At this point, I didn’t get it at all and thought Yukiatsu was just a weirdo.

So everyone but Yukiatsu has gathered at the old club hangout and we get a lovely scene here. The group drinks hot chocolate (I think?) out of cups and Menma mentions how she loves being with everyone. It was lovely to see Menma so happy.

Poppo decides he wants to give Menma a cup as he says that Menma doesn’t want to be forgotten. How could we ever do that he says which causes Menma to cry happy tears and hug Poppo which causes him to freak out and think he drank too much, he runs out of the clubhouse.

Anohana 21.PNG

Tsuruko quotes what Yukiatasu said to Jintan earlier in the episode. “You can’t forget about Menma, so you remain bound to her memories”. “you’re pitiful”. Tsuruko tells Jintan and Anaru that Yukiatsu directed those words at himself. I can see that, he misses Menma just like everyone else but doesn’t want to admit it.

Poppo and Menma suddenly run in screaming that Menma is here. They find Menma and she runs away, the group run after her. Anaru has to stop and catch her breath, we then see Menma smiling creepy. Menma does not smile in a creepy way ever.

It’s Yukiatsu dressed as Menma. I’m sure some of you are wondering if you read that right, right? Yes it’s Yukiatsu. Why? How? *shrugs* No idea. The group stares at Yukiatsu, shocked except Tsuruko she looks annoyed and that’s where the episode ends. You know,  I can’t wait to hear why Yukiatsu  did this, I mean I know he’s jealous of Jintan anyone can see that but there has to be something else right? To make him go so far as to lie about seeing Menma and dress up as her, wig and all.

Anohana 22.PNG

It’s funny how, finding out Yukiatsu was fake Menma all this time was a shock to me. I thought maybe he really had seen Menma but a different one. You know, like a Menma whose come back to stop our Menma and Jintan from gathering the group together again. That would have been cool to see. But I’m fine with it being Yukiatsu. He has a lot of explaining to do. What a great episode, the animation, the characters and the soundtrack was amazing.

I’m still annoyed that the whole thing with Yukiatsu was a shock to me, it should have been easy to figure out right? I would also like to see what Tsuruko has to say about this because she figured it out while they were all chasing Yukiatsu. Thinking about it now, I though someone was going to wonder why Menma was so fast and then realise it’s Yukiatsu since he jogs a lot.

Next episode is going to be interesting. Let me know what you think.