Charlotte Episode 2

Tomori has had a rough life. Sad Episode.

Tomori talks to Yu about her brother in this episode. She talks about how she and her brother had to go to a boarding school. Tomori was able to make friends fast in her new school. After classes, Tomori was forced to take a physical exam. She wasn’t allowed to see her brother at all even though they were in the same school. Tomori’s friends would always stop her from looking for her brother.

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Tomori’s brother was experimented on after some time passed, Tomori was able to see her brother, but he couldn’t remember her because he was experimented on so much. As if that wasn’t enough, Tomori found out her friends were all fake friends prepared by the scientists. She was examined because if one sibling had an ability there’s a high chance the other sibling will have one to. Tomori was able to sneak out of the school.

Yu tells Tomori while they’re looking at the scenery with her brother that there could be a drug soon that can cure her brother. But Tomori tells him that no one is researching how to save patients like her brother because to the scientists people with abilities are like batteries. When the power runs out, they can just move on to the next experimentation. This was a hard scene to watch, Tomori’s brother has had a tough life and so has Tomori.

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It’s great to see Yu start to care about other people, it’s nice to see he’s developed a little bit in this episode. The old Yu wouldn’t have cared about Tomori or her back story. Maybe being at this school is good for him. This was a good episode, although sad I still enjoyed it.