Clannad Episode 3

It’s nice to see Okazaki helping Nagisa again.

In this episode we have Okazaki helping Nagisa prepare for the open house in the classroom by listening to her act. She isn’t very good. So Okazaki asks why she wants to act. You see, Nagisa has always wanted to act since she was little but wasn’t able to because she was sick all the time. Nagisa had a clear desire to join the drama club and act among friends because of this.

Clannad 27.PNG

In high school and senior year, Nagisa wasn’t able to attend school often. She has no experience when it comes to acting,but Nagisa is still determined to do her best. Okazaki thinks that she should say all that she just said to him at the open house. This was a really nice moment between the two.

Clannad 28.PNG

I love that Okazaki is still supporting Nagisa as she has become more determined than ever to form the drama club thanks to Okazaki encouraging her. Okazaki himself hasn’t realised this yet, but I think he’s a lot happier around Nagisa than anyone else, he’s cracking jokes more and overall being himself.

Nagisa asks Okazaki if people will come to the open house. Okazaki says that they will because they put up flier to encourage people to come. It turns out that a student council member has taken one of the fliers down because Nagisa didn’t ask for them for permission to put it up. The episode ends as Nagisa is called to the student council’s office.

This was a nice episode and I’m happy that Okazaki and Nagisa are spending more time together. Hopefully, Nagisa will be able to put her drama club fliers up next episode.