Danganronpa The Animation Episode 2

Well it was obvious in last weeks episode that this would happen. I have to say, I love the sound effects that play when Monokuma moves. It’s cute and funny at the same time. Also his laugh, so good! (Spoilers for Episode 2)

So Maizono comes into Naegi room and tells him that someone tried to come into her room. Naegi suggests to her that they stay in the same room, but Maizono thinks they should swap rooms. Naegi has no problem with that as the rules don’t say they have to stay in their own rooms.


Naegi goes to Maizono’s room but before he goes to sleep, he promised that he’ll be Maizono’s emotional support. We all know this won’t happen. We cut to Maizono looking suspicious in the next scene. I wonder what she’s up to?The next day Naegi meets up with the rest of the group as they all agreed they would have breakfast together every day. Everyone arrives and some people realise that Maizono isn’t there.

Naegi runs up to Maizono’s room (his room) and realises that the door is unlocked he pushes it open and sees that the room is a mess. Sword marks on the floor and walls, the beds a mess, the tables been knocked over. Naegi slowly walks over to the bathroom, the door is unlocked. He sees Maizono dead on the floor, he screams and passes out.


Monobear pops up and tells the kids that one of them killed Maizono. He mentions that just killing someone isn’t enough to graduate, you have to kill someone in such a way that the other students won’t know it was you who did it.

A class trial will be held, in this class trial the students will get to find out who the murderer is. If your able to catch the murderer, they will be punished, but if you catch the wrong person, everyone but the culprit dies. Interesting rules.

So Junko isn’t happy with these rules and wants out, Monokuma tells her if she must pass she should do it over his dead body. Junko smashes her foot onto Monokuma’s body, he reminds her that he said that violence against the principal (him) is prohibited.


Junko is killed right there in the gymnasium. Oh well, that was dumb of her. Maybe next time think before you do anything. What and idiot, seriously. Also don’t forget the rules, it’s clear now that Monukuma takes the school rules seriously.

The students find out that Maizono died in Naegi’s bathroom and everyone suspects him. I can’t blame them for suspecting him, Maizono died in his bathroom. Naegi tried to explain but no one believes him. Togami wants Naegi to give them some proof to show that he didn’t do it.


Naegi finds Maizono’s DVD that she watched in that room in the episode before. You know, the one that made her cry and tell Naegi that no one is coming for them? Well, Naegi watches the DVD and believes that Monokuma may have killed Maizono’s members of her idol group.

The episode ends as Naegi and the rest of the group go to the class trail. But before Kirigiri asks Naegi if he’s scared. She tells him that he needs to get to the bottom of this incident, if he doesn’t everything will end before Naegi gets a chance to come to terms with everything.


That’s good advice because we can see that Naegi is losing hope as no one believes him, they’ve already made their minds up about him. The only one who knows he didn’t do it is Maizono and she’s dead.

He has no one in his corner, he’s all by himself and that’s why he’s worried. But I think that what Kirigiri said to him shows Naegi that she’s in his corner. Maybe. At least to me it does. I like Kirigiri, she seems interesting. I like the calm and collected characters. Her character design is my favourite it makes her look mysterious.

I would like to say that I’ll miss Maizono but I would be lying to myself and you. She was a boring character. That death flag was set up ever since Naegi said he would protect Maizono.

She was a doomed character from the start. Something isn’t right with how she dies but I can’t put my finger on it. On wait! I know what it is! Why did Maizono open the door to whoever killed her? Naegi said not to open the door for anyone! So why did she do it?

I have to calm down, my suspicions and questions will be answered next episode. Hopefully. Good episode, one useless character gone now so maybe we’ll get to know some other characters before the next person dies? I would also like to say that Monobear has to be a remote-controlled toy right? He can’t be real right? But I guess this is anime land right, so logic is out the window then