Joker Game Episode 2

Looks like Sakuma used his brain in this episode. Another thing, anyone think Miyoshi is kind of cute?

Sakuma talks to Colonel Mutou after discovering that the American spy had the evidence he was looking for hidden behind the imperial picture in his house. Sakuma has something of Colonel Mutou’s, it’s a cigarette case which he found at Hanabishi.

We get a flashback to the day Sakuma went to the Geisha house to ask the head Geisha some questions. The Geisha tells Sakuma that Mutou was in the building late at night and got very drunk.

There was another man in the building who is the owner of a small trading company. This man got to drunk and fell asleep. The Geisha also says that this man is a frequent customer but he’s not suspicious.

Sakuma asks the Geisha if this man walked around with a cane or that he wears a leather glove on his right hand. The Geisha shakes and head and Sakuma is about to leave when she tells him that this man picked up something, Mutou had dropped, the cigarette case.


Mutou asks Sakuma when he switched to their side but Sakuma says that he is acting as a liaison due to the orders he was given. Mutou shouts a Sakuma to get out and Sakuma leaves.

Outside, Sakuma meets Yuuki and they walk for a bit, Sakuma figures out that Yuuki’s cane is a disguise to hide the fact that his left hand is a prosthetic, which is why he uses the leather glove on his left hand.

I would not have figured this out, if Sakuma hadn’t drawn my attention to it. How did Sakuma figure this out? Well Sakuma figured this out by having a forensic expert examine the cigarette case. The only people whose fingerprints were on the case were Mutou, Sakuma and the Geisha. That was smart of him, good to see he used his brain rather than just talk.


Yuuki explains how he found the cigarette after Mutou had left. Yuuki’s right arm was around a Geisha so naturally he picked it up with his left hand and gave it to the proprietress as he left. Yuuki asks Sakuma if he has any interest in training at the agency. Sakuma says that he’s a soldier and is ready to sacrifice himself at any moment.

But before Sakuma give his answer, some military soldiers walk by as Yuuki walks on ahead. It’s at that moment I realised that Sakuma may not be completely on the spies side but he respects them in a way. Sakuma says he refuses to be a pawn who is used and then cast aside. The episode ends there.


So I noticed two things when I looked at the image above, Sakuma is standing opposite from the Military Soldiers. Sakuma is also standing under a Sakura tree. The Sakura tree in Japan symbolizes life so when I put that together, I realised that this image shows that Sakuma is moving away from his Military background.

Not completely, but he’s realised the ways of the Military isn’t right and has decided to make his own path. While he may not be a spy, he sure acted like one in this episode. It was great to see that living with the spies had a positive effect on him.


  1. Miyoshi is not just “sort of cute”. He’s the hottest of them all. The show introduced him as if he’s the leader of the group and he’s important and has a great role…b-but…ah, I’m crying. Such a shock.

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