Kiznaiver Episode 2

I only liked the end of this episode. Everything else? *rolls eyes*

Sonazaki decides to have everyone introduce themselves but not in the way that you think. They have to reveal a secret that they don’t want anyone else to know. First is Tenga who is known as “Mad Dog” in his neighbourhood. He’s actually scared of dogs. Next. Nico doesn’t believe in fairies. That wasn’t surprising at all.

Nico asks the group whether they think it’s annoying how she’s so perfect all the time. If she stands out people will hate her she says. These are the reasons why she said she believes in fairies.


Nico cries and the everyone else tells her she’s not fake and that they think she’s just odd. She’s happy that they think she’s odd and that’s the end of that scene. Honestly, Nico is my least favourite of the group, she annoying and is all over the place. Desperately trying to be weird all the time. I mean ,seriously calm down for once for goodness sake!

Now that she’s revealed that she doesn’t belive in fairies, hopefully she’ll tone down her performance. I doubt she will. Next. Yuta was fat in middle school. He gained weight easily and was embarrassed about it so he lost weight before entering high school. That’s it.


Next. Sonazaki decides that for Chidori to realise her secret, she should hang a little box with the only support being a rope and have Kacchon stand in it. The box breaks and Kacchon falls but doesn’t as the rope that’s holding him is caught on the side of the building everyone else is on.

Now this is the only scene I liked as we get to hear Kacchon’s thoughts out loud as he introduces himself. Kacchon says that he’s indifferent when it comes to connections with others, he not interested in what other people think.

He believes this is the case because he’s not interested in himself. Chidori is annoyed and jumps on the box Kacchon is on, she talks about how he’s changed, he used to be funny and nice and she loved him when he was like that.


The rope snaps and Kacchon and Chidori fall and die. Ok they don’t, Sonozaki saves them and Chidori tells Kacchon she wants him to go back to being cheerful Kacchon again.

Kacchon decides to redo his introduction again and this time says that he didn’t give any thought to Chidori’s feelings at all but even though he didn’t, he feels happy about it, in past tense. I’m confused by what he said there. The mission is cleared and then Maki comes out of nowhere and reveals she’s killed someone before. End of the episode.

Ok so I’ve already given my thoughts about Nico right? I don’t care about Yuta, Tenga or Maki. I’ll talk about Kacchon and Chidori. First of all I really like that Kacchon introduced himself and spoke about his feelings on himself and others around him.

He told everyone he didn’t care what other people think, and that was very realistic to me. It took a lot of courage for him to say that to the group. He looked inside himself and discovered he didn’t care about others.

I liked that. I was happy he said that, as the rest of the group can see where he stands, what he’s like and how he feels about certain things. Chidori was not happy he said that, apparently Kacchon used to be a happy and fun kid.

So what happened to him? Haven’t got a clue. Chidori wants him to go back to the way he was. I felt sorry for Chidori at first as she was sad that Kacchon had changed even though I don’t think he’s aware of this. But as she continued talking, I started to disagree with her.

First of all, Kacchon can’t suddenly go back to the way he was. How is he supposed to that, when he himself admitted he doesn’t understand himself? I thought it was silly that Chidori told Kacchon she wants him to go back to his old self as he doesn’t know who he is.

You can’t just suddenly ask someone to change themselves. I understand that Kacchon is different now and it hurts for Chidori to see him so different but you can’t force change onto someone.


It doesn’t make sense. Does anyone else feel that Chidori is like Chisaki from A Lull in the Sea anime? (Nagi no Asukara) Both girl’s don’t seem to like change. Chisaki doesn’t want things to change with her friends and Chidori wants Kacchon to go back to his old self. One wants change, the other doesn’t. It seems funny to me that’s why I brought it up.

One more thing I didn’t like, Chidori telling Kacchon that she loves his old self. If Kacchon was a normal person with feelings, I think he would have tried to change himself to make Chidori happy. But Kacchon is different and I think Chidori’s love for him will be an issue for him later down the line.

I felt Chidori’s confession of love was unnecessary as for one we should know she likes him by now. But also because of the way she cried and talked about how Kacchon was so different now, her confession felt forced to me.

But then again, it was the secret she didn’t want anyone knowing. I don’t know, it just rubbed me the wrong way. I feel like if Chidori would talk to Kacchon properly instead of shouting and screaming that she doesn’t understand him anymore, they might get somewhere.


Communication is key in all relationships, you can’t get to know someone if you don’t communicate yourself. There has to be a balance, put in the effort and get to know the person, I think Chidori hasn’t done this with Kacchon and that’s why there’s an issue. Sure, Kacchon doesn’t understand himself but I think they could still communicate or at least try to. And I’m not seeing that on either side, but it is only episode 2. Maybe something will happen next episode?.


  1. Open communiation might be nice, and yet these characters who talk a lot throughout the series really struggle with the concept. I also found the underlying assumption that all these characters had a secret to be just a bit off. Sure they all had stuff that the rest of the group didn’t know because they aren’t friends and they don’t hang out. But that doesn’t mean they were actually hiding anything. Did anyone actually believe that Nico believed in fairies? So is her revealing this in any way insightful to her character?

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  2. Right! I completely agree about Nico! It added nothing to her character. I bet next episode they’ll just gloss over it. Not just her secret, but everyone’s secrets. Except Chidori, I think her confession will come up again.

    I felt like everyone but Kacchon were pointless in this episode. None of these secrets added anything to the characters not even Chidori. Kacchon is the only one I have an interest in but only because of the way he thinks.

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