A Lull in the Sea Episode 3

It was great to see Hikari finally realise some things.

So Hikari decides to track down Akari’s guy and confront him about Akari. He and Manaka and the others track him down and find him at Tsumugu’s house making deliveries. Tsumugu’s grandfather asks if Akari’s guy is trying to have babies with Akari. The people of the sea have Ena.

Ena is similar to the amnion that covers the fetus when the baby is born, the people on the surface break through whereas the people of the sea are born with it being a part of their skin.


The problem here is a child born between a person of the sea and a person of the surface is born without Ena. So Akari’s child would not be able to breathe in the sea. Akari’s guy didn’t know this at all and tells Hikari this.

Hikari asks if he wants to marry Akari to which the guy says nothing and Hikari starts to punch him on the ground. Hikari wakes up and find out he’s in Tsumugu’s house. Why? Tsumugu’s grandfather shoved Hikari to the ground so hard, he passed out.

Although this was a very short conversation, I really like it. Hikari asks Tsumugu why he likes the sea so much. And Tsumugu says that it’s because he thinks it’s great. I noticed that Tsumugu is not much of a talker.


Hikari asking Tsumugu some questions, shows that he’s curious about him and realises that he got him wrong. It’s great to see that he realised this himself. Now if he could come to terms with his jealously, that would be great.

Hikari goes home and he tells Akari to give up on the guy on the surface, she agrees and says that it wouldn’t have worked out anyway and hugs Akari. I think Akari hugged him to thank him for looking out for her. Hikari has always felt that Akari grew up to fast after their mother’s death. She did it to look after him. It was nice to see the roles reverse in their situation.


Hikari may be reckless and has anger issues, but deep down his heart is always in the right place. This was a great episode for Hikari, I was able to see his thoughts on Manaka, Tsumugu and Akari, it was nice to hear. He’s slowly changing.

I hope he doesn’t end up changing too much, that could be awful for Chisaki. And we wouldn’t her worried right? The music in this episode was great, heartwarming especially when we get to see Hikari and Akari’s past, the soft piano keys sold the scenes for me, it really made me feel for Hikari and Akari.


The animation was great, the character expression were great especially Manaka’s face near the end of the episode. Hikari, Manaka and Tsumugu were great in this episode. I’m glad we got to see Tsumugu and learn more about him. Chisaki is okay but she’s still butting in, hope she doesn’t do it too much. The only one I haven’t seen much of is Kaname. Seriously, when will he get to shine? He’s practically a background character. Looking forward to the next episode.