Magical Girl Raising Project Episode 2

I liked this episode. Especially the end.

Fav has decided that he’s going to halve the magical girls down to 8 as he thinks there are too many in Nabuka City. Fav has decided that he’s going to have the magical girls collect magical candies. Whoever has the least candies will have to leave the game and can’t become a magical girl again.

Snow White meets Nemurin in the game whose up late. She is up late because she sleeps most of the afternoon and rarely goes outside. Nemurin tells Snow White that her magic ability is to go into other people dreams, this is reason why she stays in the game. Snow White has to go to bed and says goodbye to Nemurin. I like Nemurin, she has a cute character design and an adorable voice.


Nemurin is happy that she’s able to save people in her dreams, she thinks that she will be the one to collect the most candies, but Fav tells her that the candies she collects only apply in the dream world she has to collect some in the real world. Working in the real world is exhausting to her. I wonder if she has a job she doesn’t like and became a magical girl to escape that job?

Snow White is at the top of the leaderboard in collecting candies, the magical girl who collected the fewest candies is Nemurin. It wasn’t surprising at all as this episode focused on her a lot. Snow White says goodbye to Nemurin and she’s gone. We get to see what she looks like in the real world.


Fav tells Nemurin she can transform once more, it’s still effective until midnight. Nemurin transforms once more and enters a dream. She sees a little girl and goes over to her. The little girl is watching the princess and talks about how she wants to be a liege to the princess. Nemurin tells she can become the princess. All little girls can according to Nemurin.


The screen fades to black as the music stops and we hear Fav say that times up. It’s time to bid farewell to everything he says. Nemurin’s mum comes in and talks to her she shakes her and starts crying as she realises Nemurin is dead. Yes, you read that right, Nemurin is dead. I wasn’t surprised though as I knew there would be a twist to Fav’s rule and this is it.

When you can’t become a magical girl anymore, you die. Eliminated means death. Yikes, I wonder how the other girls will react to this? The only thing I’m sad about is that I didn’t get to know Nemurin so her death didn’t affect me.

If I had gotten to know what her life was like outside of the game, maybe I would have cared. It looks like she died in her sleep though so she didn’t feel anything.

Fav definitely knew what he was doing when he set up this rule, there’s no way he didn’t know what would happen. He neglected to tell the girls on purpose but why? What did he have to set up this rule? Next episode is when I get to find out I guess. This episode was good, Snow White is going to freak next episode as she liked Nemurin.


I can’t wait to see how the rest of the magical girls will handle the news that Nemurin is dead, will they turn on each other or will some join forces? The ones that I’m suspicious of is Calamity Mary and Ruler girl. Especially Ruler girl as she’s in Nemurin’s dream. Did she kill her or was it actually Fav?

I want to find out now but have to write the review for this anime next Thursday again. I’m already thinking about how this anime will end. Will it end with that opening in episode 1? If it does, then I would like to see how it got that dark. Great episode, things are progressing slowly.