Psycho Pass Episode 2

This was a good episode for Akane I like her and Kogami. This anime is going to be interesting.

So Akane pays Kogami a visit in his hospital room, she apologizes but Kogami says that it was his decision and has no reason to complain. Akane is worried that the decision she made put everyone is danger.

Kogami talks about how he’s been an enforcer for a long time he’s shot so many latent criminal without hesitating because it’s best for society and he accepted that answer without accepting it. He goes on to say that being a detective isn’t about taking someone down but it should be about protecting someone.


Through Kogami’s eyes, Akane put justice before her duty. Under a boss like Akane, Kogami may be able to finally work as a detective and not a dog. I’m glad that Kogami said this, Akane feels like she’s useless as an inspector just standing around while the enforcers to all the work.

She didn’t realise that her job is one of the most important roles in this world and line of work. She has to command the enforcers and keep them in the line. That kind of job must be difficult while catching a criminal at the same time.


Kogami reassured Akane that what she did was right, as she decided it on her own without thinking og the consequences of her actions. An inspector that can follow her own path is a good one in Kogami’s eyes. I’m happy that Akane had this talk with Kogami. I feel like Kogami would be the only to reassure her like this.

Akane and Kogami are both interesting characters especially Kogami as he has unfinished business with someone. Is he the guy that was in the opening in Episode 1?. I love the dialogue in this episode, we got to find out more about the world through different characters talking. We also got to see what Akane thinks about this world as well. Can’t wait for the next episode to see how Akane and Kogami’s relationship grows.