Re: Zero – Starting Life in Another World Episode 1

Poor Subaru. He doesn’t deserve what happened to him in this episode. I forgot to mention in the last episode, I know that the girls name is Emilia because this show was all over the internet last year. I’m not sure why her name is Satella but I’ll be calling her that.

So Subaru and Emilia go to a man called Old Man Rom. One thing I noticedwhile they were walking was the sky was getting darker as the sun set. According to a random guy, Subaru can try to negotitate with Old Man Rom to get the insignia back.

Subaru steps into the house and finds a man dead, someone suddenly kills him and Satella. Suddenly Subaru is back at the beginning of Episode 0 when he first arrived in this new world.


I was surprised that Subaru didn’t even try to look for Satella as she had such an effect on him. He decides to go back to the old house and he finds the man who was killed, Old Man Rom alive and well.

Felt shows up with the insignia and Subaru offers to trade the insignia for his cellphone. Both Felt and Old Man Rom are surprised by this technology as according to Subaru it can “freeze time”.

The person who wants to buy the insignia, Elsa arrives. As soon as she started talking, I knew that she killed Subaru and Satella. Subaru wins the negotations but things become quite scary when Subaru mentions that he’s going to give the insignia back to his owner as Elsa has a scary look on her face.

At that point, Subaru didn’t realise he just made a huge mistake, I can’t blame him as he didn’t know. Elsa takes out Subaru, Felt and Rom easily.

RZ 6

Elsa starts to taunt Subaru as he’s dying and I felt sorry for him as he’s crying about how much it hurts. Honestly, my stomach started to hurt as hes dying. He restarts again. Subaru doesn’t know what’s going on with him and it’s all too much for and he passes out.

It looks to me like he remembers what’s happened to him but it seems no one else does. I think this is the case if you look at the street vendor when Subaru restarted the first time, he doesn’t mention that fact that Subaru said he’s already broke.

The guy would have marked that as a starange thing to say to a person you just met right? Anyway Subaru wakes up and sees Satella passing by, he runs to her and apoligizes for getting them killed earlier.


Satella turns around and she looks angry. Apparently Subaru is calling her by the name of the jealous witch. I have to say, I love the last shot, we see Subaru’s eye and Satella in his reflection and then we see Satella’s eye with Subaru in her reflection.

I just thought it was a cool shot. This episode was good, I felt sorry for Subaru he didn’t deserve to be killed twice as he was only getting Satella’s insignia back.

Its a shame that only Subaru seems to remember what happened as all of the issues he faced in this episode would probably easy to handle if he had Satella to talk to about it as she would remember.

But then we wouldn’t have this anime would we? So Subaru is going to suffer a lot in this anime that’s obvious to me but I wonder how much suffering will he be able to handle? Also when will he figure out he can go back in time?

I guess I’ve got to wait until next week to find out. I know the questions I have in my head will not be answered yet but I’m willing to wait to find out.