Attack on Titan Episode 6

It’s great to finally see the reason why Mikasa protects Eren so much.

So we get to see Mikasa’s life before she lives with the Jaegers in this episode. Mikasa’s parents were murdered right in front of her. The three murderers are going to sell her to some old perverts because Mikasa is the last Oriential. Eren is able to find Mikasa and save her.

Eren and his Dad find Mikasa’s parents dead, this must have been an hour or two after Mikasa was taken. The look on Eren’s face as he saw the parents was full of shock and fear. I was surprised that his Dad continued to tell him to go to be base of the mountain and wait there. Didn’t he see the look on Eren’s face?

Attack 49.PNG

Eren decides to go and rescue Mikasa, somehow he arrives at the hideout that the three murderers and Mikasa are in. He pretends to be lost so that he can attack the guys, he does attack them to well. It was scary to see. I had to remind myself not to be amazed by Eren’s fierceness as he’s just a 10-year-old boy.

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Sure, in this world people have seen all kinds of horrors but for Eren to continuously stab one of the guys while screaming this is what you deserve in terrifying. He killed the guys without any hesitation. Look at his face in the image above! Does that look like a sane kid to you?

So, Mikasa tells Eren there’s a third man Eren missed and said third man appears grabs Eren and starts strangling him.

Now it’s time for Mikasa to do something. If you lose, you die, If you win, you live that’s how it is, that’s what Eren tells her as he’ being strangled. He shouldn’t be able to talk right now but that’s anime logic for you. Right now, Mikasa is holding the knife and it’s like a light switches on in her head, she stops shaking and kills the man.

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Mikasa and Eren are still shocked because of what happened in that house. Mikasa is still able to speak after what happened and says she has now home to return to now. Eren’s dad tells her she can live with them and while he says this Eren give Mikasa his red scarf because she said she was cold earlier. Mikasa cries as Eren grabs her hand and tugs to his home, now their home.

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This was a great episode, I now understand why Mikasa wants to protect Eren so much. He saved her by telling her to live to fight. She’s repays the favour constantly by watching over him. He’s also her only family now as Carla is gone. Honestly If I was in her situation I would definitely protect the person forever, not to the extent that Mikasa does though. But it’s nice to see her heart is always in the right place.

This episode allowed me to see Mikasa differently. She’s had a tough life, no one deserves to go through what she did. This episode made her human. As she has emotions, she just hides them.  The only problem I have with Mikasa’s thoughts at the end of the episode is she doesn’t know Eren is dead.

I mean we know he’s not dead right? But she doesn’t, how she’ll react to Eren’s demise and Armin’s survival will be interesting. Mikasa isn’t my favourite character but this episode made me understand her actions to the point where I feel bad for judging her character harshly.



  1. Other than the first episode, this one was one of my favourite from the first season. There was just so much real drama in this episode and it was great learning more about Mikasa and her relationship with Eren.Thanks for sharing.

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  2. I loved it too. As a manga reader it felt great to remember the early parts of the manga. It made me realise how much I love this anime and it’s manga. Thanks for the comment.

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