91 Days Episode 2

So I noticed something in the opening theme song other than the amazing music. Avilio is wearing contacts right? The opening theme song was so heartbreaking, it fits the tone of this anime so well.

Vanno Clemente, one of the members of the Vanetti family asks Avilio to help him kill Fango. Avilio wants to become a member of the Vanetti family to get his revenge so he agrees to help.

Avilio had a pretty cool disguise on but that didn’t work as Fango saw through him and was able to escape. I thought it was a bit funny the way Fango escaped, he pretty much flew into the night. His parkour skills were on point.

91 Days 6.PNG

While Avilio failed to kill Fango which Vanno wasn’t surprised at, he was able to capture Serpente with Vanno’s help. Serpente is the man who killed Vanno’s car loving friend at the beginning of this episode so Vanno wanted him captured to get revenge. Vanno tells Avilio to meet at the graveyard in the old village.

Your probably asking why a graveyard? Well it’s a place where there will be no witnesses. So Vanno kills Serpente in front of Arturo Tronco that’s the name of the kid at the beginning of the episode. I’d like to think that Vanno killed Serpente here as a way for Tronco to get revenge. I’d like to imagine Tronco dragging Serpente to hell even though it’s silly as I’m typing this. I’ll keep it because I like it for some reason.

91 Days 8.PNG

Serpente dies and Avilio appears behind a tree and kills Vanno. Why? Vanno, Nero and his dad are the ones who killed his family. You know, I was expecting Avilio to strike a friendship with Vanno and Nero for a while and then kill them when the time is right but it looks like the revenge plot begins properly in this episode.

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I’m a bit worried for Avilio as it looks like Nero and his buddy don’t trust him as he takes them to the graveyard where Vanno and Serpente lay dead.

Nero has a gun to Avilio’s back after the credits. I know that Avilio is going to find a way to get out of the mess he made but how he does it will be really interesting. I wonder if he’ll somehow blame Corteo? I know that doesn’t make sense as Corteo wasn’t there but what it Avilio decides to throw him under the bus?

I still think that Avilio should have gained Vanno’s trust at least before killing him, I feel that this is all happening way to fast. But I guess that how revenge plots go in anime? I haven’t seen many revenge anime. I’m looking forward to the next episode, let’s see how Avilio gets out of this.


  1. Fango’s escape was really funny and I really enjoyed the scene in the grave yard but I’m going to leave my comment there because I don’t want to spoil anything. Have fun with the next episode.

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  2. Avilio was ice cold in this episode and that was really great. It made me think this show wasn’t going to abandon the idea of revenge which I feared early on he would see the error of his ways and move on.

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