My Hero Academia Episode 4

Deku was amazing in this episode! He was so cool!

As the mock battle starts, Deku is quickly left behind as the other examinees start to take out robot villains. Every time he tries to find a robot villain, someone has already taken it out. This leaves Deku discouraged and afraid that he won’t be able to pass the exam.

Then suddenly the real test is revealed to be a giant robot, the other exainees immediately begin to run away. Deku is the only one who doesn’t because he’s afraid. He’s eyes are full of tears because he hasn’t been able to score a single point.

Time is running out for him. Deku suddenly notices that the nice girl who helped him before is trapped under some rocks. Well her leg is trapped and she is directly in the path of the giant robot. Deku doesn’t hesitate and runs towards her, he jumps up and this is when All Might’s powers inside him activate. Deku delivers a huge punch that not only leaves a giant crater in its face but the hit knocks the robot to the ground.


Deku’s punch left him limbs crippled, all except his arm. It looked painful and I winced as I watched Deku fall down while his arms and legs are flopping about. The nice girl uses her antigravity powers to save Deku from falling to his death. It’s great that she saved him but unfortunately she can’t save him from the fact that he has zero points.


Deku believes he failed the entrance exam. I was so happy that he didn’t, we wouldn’t have an anime if he did fail would we? He was able to pass and scored 60 rescue points. Being a hero isn’t just about defeating villains, but about helping others and Deku showed that by putting his life on the line to save the nice girl and that why he got 60 rescue points.

We learn that her name is Uraraka Ochako and Deku finds out that she tried to give some of her points to him because he saved her, it wasn’t needed in the end as Deku had enough points to pass.


I still thought it was very sweet of her to try to give Deku points.  Even though Uraraka wasn’t able to give her points to Deku, to see her go and plead for Deku even though he’s a stranger was great to see. You can see that Deku was able to inspire her and others as he acted in a heroic manner without hesitation to save a life. I also noticed that the guy in blue seems to be inspired by Deku.

I wonder if we’ll see him again and if we do how will he react to Deku? Also Bakugou doesn’t know that Deku now has a quirk, it’ll be interesting to see how he takes it. Before Deku found out his result, I myself had already felt Deku already won. Why? Deku has been chasing a dream even he knew deep in his heart he wouldn’t accomplish. Then his idol tells him he can be a hero, so Deku trains hard and received All Might power.

Deku comes into this exam unprepared and risks his life to save a stranger and in the end he passes the exam. Deku is a character I admire a lot. He’s worked so hard to get where he is. It will only get harder for him as he attends U.A. I just hope he doesn’t bow down to the pressure. His courage displayed in this episode was amazing and I hope even more people get to see it.