Angel Beats Episode 3

This anime makes me wonder if everyone’s back story will be sad. I might have to keep a box of tissues beside me.

So this episode starts of with Yuri explaining what the battlefront’s mission is. She explains that Iwasawa is the leader of a band called GirlDeMo. We saw the band in the first episode. These girls are a diversion for the NPC’s at the school. They music is very loud so that the NPC’s don’t hear the battlefront making a ruckus outside.

Iwasawa the leader of the band talks to Otonashi and tells him her back story. Her parents were always fighting, the only thing she could do was close herself into a protective shell.

One day at a music store, Iwasawa found out about a band called Sad Machine. The lead singer was from a broken home as well so Iwasawa could relate to that. When she listened to their music, she felt like the vocalist was talking to her, screaming for her. From then on Iwasawa decided to become a musician.


Unfortunately she wasn’t able to, there was time when her parents were fighting, she was hit as she tried to get involved and she ended up in hospital. She had anepia it was a result of head trauma. She wasn’t able to speak anymore. She couldn’t escape to the music world again. Poor Iwasawa she didn’t deserve all that, she was a good person following her dreams only to be stopped by her parents.

So Iwasawa and her band perform but not for long as the security guards arrive to take their instruments. One of the band members escapes and runs to the control room and turns the music on. Tenshi hears Iwasawa singing and turn back to the stadium. The song that Iwasawa is singing is so beautiful and really sad if you read lyrics, it made me cry. You see, singing is Iwasawa passion and she believes that she can save others the same way she was saved, through music.


After Iwasawa says this, she disappears and I’m wondering what just happened? Where did she go?. She’s actually gone only her guitar is left behind. Yuri tells the group that Iwasawa accepted it and leaves it like that. It’s kind of annoying that Yuri just left her explanation like that, but I think I’ve figured it out.

These guys are in neither heaven or hell. There in an in between state. The only way they move on is to accept the regrets they had in life. I think that’s the case, still not sure.

If I’m right then I think these guys should come to terms with their life, not everything works out and that’s ok so long as you are able to continue moving forward in your life. I want to find out how Otonashi died, I want him to get his memories back soon.

Ok so, this was a sad episode especially at the end with Iwasawa. The pacing was great and the characters were funny, the hacker kid who wants to be called christ was funny at the beginning, spouting PI to axe kid.


The music was beautiful, Iwasawa’s song was so heartfelt. You could really hear the emotion in her voice. I love the transition to the ending theme song, it’s so sad. They added Hacker kid in the ending theme which I thought was nice. Iwasawa isn’t there any more which makes me sad as her band mates are there. The ending theme makes me think of times gone by, which makes me wants to go back to my childhood.


  1. This was the first episode that made me cry in this show. There are two other episodes that make me cry but this was when I realised this show wasn’t just going to be dumb jokes about already dead high schoolers. I really loved her song and I loved how they built up to that scene. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. It was a beautiful scene. I wonder what her band mates are going to do now though? I can’t stop thinking about that transition to the ending theme song. I’ve got to find that track on the soundtrack now. XD

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