Anohana Episode 5

Poor Yukitasu. He blames himself too.

So Yukiatsu confessed to Menma before her died, he blames himself for it. Cross dressing as Menma is his way to cope and that’s really sad. We found out that Yukiastsu tried to give Menma a flower hairpin when they little before she died, but he was rejected as Menma. I found it funny that Menma used Jintan as an excuse.

At least tell him there that your don’t feel the same way instead of leaving him hanging. But Menma is too nice to do that and it bothers me, even though she’s dead she’s hasn’t changed a bit.

Yukiatsu throws the flower hairpin away and bought a new one when he got older I guess. It was sad to see him put the flower pin on the wig he was wearing and cry after, Yukiatsu has also been carrying regrets as well. It looks like Tsuruko kept the flower pin Yukiatsu had, how did she even find it?

Anohana 24.PNG

You can tell it’s his as it’s really old and looks a bit dirty, Tsuruko put the flower pin in her hair which I felt was weird. Please don’t tell me she was jealous of Menma too because Yukiatsu had feelings for her.

There was a conversation between Yukiatsu and Anaru on the train, the two talk about Jintan. Yukiatsu mentions how Anaru can’t let go of the Jintan who was in love with Menma in the past. The only thing that Anaru mentions is she can’t help but worry about Jintan. It nice to hear what Anaru thinks of Jintan. I wondered if she was in love with him or if she’s just a worried about him. 

Tsuruko is still suspicious, I wonder if we get to see her regrets next episode?. Poppo stops by and asks Menma if she knows how to rest in peace. He believes that Menma came back for a reason. Menma ends up crying as she doesn’t understand what he means, she doesn’t know how to rest in peace.

Anohana 25

I know Poppo didn’t mean to say what he did, but if he believes that Menma came back, why would you ask her if she can rest in peace?. That seems dumb, you believe a ghost has come back but you ask them to rest in peace, what he said didn’t make any sense to me.

This was a good episode. I like all the characters except from Tsuruko and Menma. With Tsuruko, I don’t think I’ll find her interesting even if we hear why she feels its her fault that Menma.

She’s just been quiet and sneaky since the show started. Menma is too nice, she a happy and innocent character, I don’t understand why everyone like her, I mean what’s the appeal? That she’s so nice?. I don’t think she’s that interesting, maybe I have to watch more episodes to find a reason to care for her.

Anohana 26.PNG

There was something that bothered me in this episode and it’s the fact that Jintan won’t show everyone that Menma is around. We saw Menma break a cup in the first episode, so people can find out she exists, they just won’t be able to see her. Jintan should get her to write on the wall or bang some pots and pans or something. That way everyone will belive Jintan.

I don’t mind Jintan being the only one who can see her, but he should at least convince his friends she exists instead of telling Yukiatsu that Menma told him to tell him thanks for the hairpin, that not enough evidence. They shouldn’t believe his words. Can’t wait to see the next episode, hopefully Jintan convinces everyone that Menma exists.