Bakuman Episode 3

My favourite moment in this episode was when Moritaka and Akito were reading his uncle’s letters to his friend. The music that played at that moment was beautiful. I loved hearing the piano. Especially towards the end when it slowed down.

I have to say, Moritaka looked nervous as he walked around his uncle’s studio. I felt like Moritaka realises as he looked around that the path he’s taken won’t be easy. He and Akito are going to have to work very hard, if they want to see their dream of having an anime come true. Moritaka has a conversation with his dad about his uncle. He realises at that moment that suicide didn’t kill his uncle.

Overworking did. I thought it was weird he said that, as I though that he already knew this last episode? Or was I mistaken?. Moritaka’s father remembers that he used to read manga to his son which surprised Moritaka.

His dad fully supports Moritaka which was great to hear, it was nice to see that his dad smiled at the end of the phone call, it was if his smile said that he’s happy that Moritaka found his passion for manga again.

Bakuman 10.PNG

Moritaka and Akito find out that it was Azuki’s mom that Moritaka’s uncle was in love in. I thought this was hilarious. Azuki looks exactly like her mother, it’s actually kind of scary. I have to say, I’m surprised that Azuki’s mom didn’t find it weird that two high school kids read her old letters to Moritaka’s uncle.

Bakuman 11.PNG

Wouldn’t you find that at least disturbing? These are two high school boys we’re talking about. But their good teens. Another great episode for Moritaka and Akito. Hopefully next episode, we get to see the boys start their manga.



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