Haikyuu Episode 2

I liked this episode. I like the captain of the volleyball club. He is determined to get his volleyball club to the nationals.

So Hinata meets the members of the volleyball club. He and Kitgawa end up arguing and the captain puts them on a time out by temporarily kicking them out the club. To get back in, the two will have to get along. Hinata and Kitagawa were arguing over which position is better. Setter or Spiker. Hinata continues to tell Kitagawa that Spikers make the offensive look cool while Kitagawa shoots back that Setters are the members that hold the volleyball team together as they are one that toss the fast balls.

Haikyuu 8.PNG

The two guys challenge their captain, Daichi and the other two members of the team to a volleyball match. Daichi tells them they need three members, Tanaka will be their third member and Daichi will have two newcomers on his team. At the end of the episode Daichi reveals that both Hinata and Kitagawa have weaknesses, the two need each other to fill the others weakness. Daichi mentions that Karasuno High School will be a volleyball team to watch out for because of the two of them.

Haikyuu 9.PNG

This was a nice episode because Hinata and Kitagawa finally understand each other. I liked the argument they had as it allowed me to get to know them and understand why they want to get to the top so bad. The mysterious guys watching their match last year, turned out to be Daichi, Suga and Tanaka. I was expecting Daichi to be the calm and understanding Captain. He is, but he’s also kind of scary as well.

Haikyuu 10.PNG

He made a good call when he decided to temporarily kick  Hinata and Kitagawa out of the volleyball club. Suga is the kind senpai to the two boys. I wonder if he has a dark side? Characters like him normally do. Tanaka is the comedic relief character but it doesn’t look like he’ll be that all the time. I’m happy about that, he’s funny but I like a comedic relief character to have his or her serious moments as well.

Too many characters in anime tend to be the comedic relief character too much, it bothers me how they just exist to be funny, only to become boring as that’s all there is to them. We don’t get learn anything else about them. The pacing for this anime is great, next episode we’ll get to see new characters and see Hinata and Kitagawa interact with them.