Snow White with the Red Hair Episode 2

The guards at the beginning of this episode were adorable. Look at their faces! XD.

So in this episode we have Shirayuki deciding to go up to the mountains to stock up on medicine. She was told by the town pharmacist that a lot of medical herbs grow in the mountains, they could be useful to her.

Shirayuki is thinking of increasing her knowledge of herbs as she wants to take an exam to become a court herbalist. Zen who was accompanying Shirayuki all the way to the boat, goes back to clarines and trains with Mitsuhide.

After they spar, Kiki tells Zen he can now focus on the rest of the desk work in high spirits, Zen thinks about how Shirayuki is working hard too and rushed off to get the desk work done. This was a nice scene as we get to see Zen trying his best to work hard.

It was also a funny scene as after Zen rushed off, Mitsuhide mentions how amazing he Shirayuki effect is. It was pretty funny as I wasn’t expecting Mitsuhide to say that and I wasn’t expecting him to give the effect Shirayuki has on Zen a name.


Shirayuki is suddenly kidnapped by a bandit while she’s in the mountains. The bandit was to sell her to some rich old men as he wants money, he figures selling Shirayuki will give him a big reward.

You know, I’m getting tired of people thinking that Shirayuki is nothing but a tool because of her red hair. It isn’t fair to her as she’s just trying to live her life. She doesn’t belong to anyone for goodness sake and I’m tired of people talking about her as if she’s nothing but an object in their eyes.

So Shirayuki manages to escape by rubbing the ropes she’s tied up in against the rock wall. I have to hand it to her, I wouldn’t have thought of that. It was a great idea. She uses the herbs, she has in her bag to paralyse the bandit.


Shirayuki realises the second floor the bandit appeared on must be the exit, she finds a window and jumps out it, she lands on a tree and falls to the ground. Despite Shirayuki’s escaping the castle, the bandit was able to catch up to her. Zen finds her and attack the bandit.

We get to learn about his back story a bit which I thought was weird as he’s just a bandit. This place was his house and he used to live the high life but now he’s nothing but a stray dog desperately trying to make money. I felt sorry for him as he didn’t deserve to have his life turn upside down. Maybe when he gets out of jail, he can get a second chance at life and do things the right way.


Shirayuki talks to Zen about how she wants to learn everything she can about this country, she also wants to see how Zen lives in this country. It was great to see Zen and Shirayuki develop some more this episode, Zen wants to learn more about Clarines which is why he escapes the castle and Shirayuki also wants to learn more about Clarines as well, but she wants to see it from Zen’s perspectiveve.

I’m glad they had that talk at the end, it looks like the two of them understand each other which is great. Can the two of them get together already? Then again if the two of them got together now, it would be too early for them.


Too many Shoujo couples get together to early and the romance fizzles out and I feel that the connection between the two is lacking because I haven’t got to know them, I can’t understand the relationship, if the characters are lacking development.

I guess in order for the two of them to make sense, they have develop some more. Great episode for Zen and Shirayuki. Especially Shirayuki, she didn’t wait for Zen to come save her, she was able to get herself out of the situation thanks to her quick thinking and her knowledge on herbs.

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  1. It’s nice that even when Shirayuki is kidnapped she still tries to save herself even if she can’t overcome every problem by herself. I love these two and they are so great together.

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