Charlotte Episode 3

When do you think Joujirou will stop injuring himself when he goes to get lunch? Honestly for me, it wasn’t even funny the first time just weird.  I still like him though his reaction toward to a certain person this episode was funny. He looked like me when I find an anime that doesn’t need fanservice to keep people watching.. There’s way too many of those kind of shows out there now.

The student council have a new person to find in this episode. Her name is Nishimori Yusa, the pop idol that Yu’s younger sister likes. Yusa not only has the ability to channel the dead but she also had pyrokenesis.

The team find one of Yusa’s bodyguard and he takes them to where Yusa is. I have to say, I’m not a fan of Yusa talking in third person. It’s annoying. I never liked anime characters talking in third person, it’s gets on my nerves.

Anyway, we find out that Yusa’s older sister Misa is the one with pyrokenesis, when Yusa starts channeling she isn’t aware of what goes on.

It’s a good thing that she doesn’t know as she’ll probably freak out if she finds out that her older sister is basically living through her. Yusa is ok but Misa is pretty cool, I can see her and Tomori getting along.

Charlotte 9.PNG

So Yusa is in trouble with a producer, she found out a couple of producers secrets through a text and now the producer is trying to hunt her down.

Tomori  has a plan and this plan involves Misa pretending to be Yusa so she can take out the bodyguards and the producer. With the help of the student council, Misa and her bodyguards are able to scare of the producer.

I thought it wrapped up way to easily but I would have run away when Misa burned the first bodyguard. That’s scary stuff! Tomori tells Misa that Yusa needs to transfer to Hoshinoumi Academy as she will be safe there, Misa agrees that this is the best option for Yusa.

I was really sad at the next scene as Misa’s two friends have to say goodbye to Misa. It’s their last goodbye to her as when Yusa’s power’s disappear one day, they won’t be able to ever see Misa again.

Charlotte 10.PNG

One of the guy’s confesses to Misa and she tells him to walk on a path without her. It was sad because you could tell this guy really loved Misa but he wasn’t able to tell her as she had died.

I guess it’s a good thing that Misa came back as this guy was able to get his feelings across and also get a proper goodbye. I like this episode, we were introduced to the fifth member of student council.

I love the difference between Yusa and Misa, no one can get the two mixed up. I kind of feel like that producer should have been more a threat but I guess that would be too much for this show? That being said, I want to see how far this show will go in terms of showing of the character’s abilities and the dangers they will face.

Charlotte 11.PNG

I continue to like Yu more and more even if he doesn’t do much. It was funny how he trying to help out the team this episode but got shot down by Tomori. Poor guy, at least he has some friends now and acts like a normal guy now.

I’m glad that he’s not abusing his powers any more, I would be annoyed if he still acted liked a horrible person. Hopefully we get to see Yu’s develop some more next episode.