Clannad Episode 4

Okazaki is a weird person, why would you try to shoot juice up Fuko’s nose? Seriously why is that the first thing he thought of? I would have found a pond and pushed her in it, she would definitely wake up from the shock of it all. *smiles slowly*

So in this episode we have Okazaki, Nagisa and Sunohara trying to recruit more members to the drama club.

Okazaki and Sunohara want to ask Ryou about the school rules regarding clubs but Kyou is there so they end up tricking Ryou by telling her that Nagisa has a crush on her and wants to ask her out. Nagisa isn’t aware of the boys plan and this leads to a misunderstanding.

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It was a funny scene because the girls had no idea they were being tricked. The whole time this “confession” is going on, Kyou is listening behind the door, she ends up strangling Okazaki and Sunohara.

Honestly, the two deserved it, for some reason they felt they had to do trick the girls instead of asking Ryou about club activities rules. The misunderstanding is fixed in the end.

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The rest of this episode was full of scenes we’ve already seen and that made this episode boring. Sunohara fights with Tomoyo and loses as usual, Fuko confuses Okazaki and Sunohara and acts all weird as usual.

This episode was really boring except for the confession scene. Sunohara was such a creep getting turned on by the two girls that he and Okazaki tricked. I’ve never like Sunohara even when I watched this show for the first time. I actually thanked Okazaki for punching Sunohara XD.

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Sunohara is never funny, he just exists to be the funny character, I don’t think we know much about him which makes him a dull character. Nagisa is pretty boring too, she always nice and doesn’t want to hurt anyone.

I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, but she needs to learn to do things herself. She can’t always rely on Okazaki to help her with the Drama Club. She will be the president of the Drama Club so she should grow a backbone.

Clannad is a good anime but I’ve forgotten how boring the show is at the start. I can’t even remember when the show picks up. I remember the drama with Fuko, I like her theme that plays when she enters the scene, it’s cute but the character herself is boring. 

There was no progress in this episode, no development for any of the characters and that’s what bugged me when I watched this episode. I’m sorry if this review is really boring to read but I just didn’t enjoy this episode at all.



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