Danganronpa The Animation Episode 3

Great episode. Loved the way the students figured out who the killer was. (Spoilers)

So the class trials start and the students are quick to figure out that Maizono was the one to grab the knife that killed her from the kitchen her. One of the students mentions how Maizono just let whoever was the killer into her room, Naegi denies this as he told Maizono not to open the door for anyone. So why would she ignore what he said?

Kirigiri believes that Maizono lied about being scared and holds up a note revealing that Maizono asked someone to come to her room. So she lured someone to her room with that note.


The students gather up more and more evidence as the trail continues. As they try to find out who the culprit is, Naegi  remembers Maizono’s dying message, 11037. If you flip the numbers upside down, they spell out Leon.

Leon is a baseball player so he used his pitching skills to destroy the evidence, by throwing it into the incinerator. The students take a vote and Leon is of course found guilty and executed.

This episode was amazing, when Naegi figured out that Leon killed Maizono, Leon’s calm expression that he had throughout the episode turned into rage. The way he continued to deny that he killed Maizono by screaming “Retarded!” continuously was awesome. I was cracking up it was so funny! XD.


His bloodshot eyes as he denied that he killed Maizono was great. I love the way the music sped up as Leon continued to scream at the top of his lungs.

It was almost as if the music was trying to tell me he’s slowly losing his mind by speeding up. It was lovely to hear and see Leon break down.But it was also sad as it was sad as well.  It was great that Naegi realised that Leon used his own tool set to unscrew the locked door. Leon’s execution was horrible and brutal, he didn’t deserve to die like that.

Actually, I think he didn’t deserve to die at all. Yes, he did kill Maizono but in defense, he wasn’t trying to kill anyone when he went to Maizono’s room but unfortunately Maizono was. I did think how he died was very interesting. I know Leon is a baseball player but yikes, why’d you have to do that to him?

At the end of the episode, Kirigiri talks to Naegi and tells him that even though Maizono tried to frame him, she made up for it in the end by writing Leon’s name on the wall. I guess in a way she was trying to make it up to Naegi. It’s actually a theory according to Kirigiri but Naegi takes it anyway, I mean it’s better than thinking she was hated him right?


I feel sorry for both Leon and Maizono, neither of them wanted to kill but they had to as they both wanted to escape the school and save their friends on the outside. Things get scar when your back into a corner with no way out. I believe this is what both characters faced when they fought each other.

It’s clear to me now that Maizono’s didn’t want to kill so she hesitated, unfortunately that hesitation is what got her killed. This episode was great, the pacing, the animation and the voice acting was great. Especially Leon’s voice actor when Leon was breaking down, I could really hear the desperation in his voice. It was so good.

Naegi and Kirigiri were both great in this episode. Despite Naegi being hurt by Maizono’s death, he pushed it back and figured out who the culprit was. I’m glad that Kirigiri stepped back a bit and let Naegi figure things out. Great episode, can’t wait for the next one. 🙂