Joker Game Episode 3

This episode was confusing. But I did like it.

So in this episode, Hatano one of the spies from the D-Agency encounters the French Resistance. This episode showed that the training that Hatano went through at the D- Agency paid off. Hatano’s amnesia in this episode wasn’t a problem for him as he was able to remind himself not to reveal any information to the French Resistance.

Personally I would have liked to have seen Hatano struggle with his amnesia. I have to remind myself as I type this that Amnesia means partial or total memory loss. I was about to say that because Hatano has amnesia he isn’t supposed to remember anything.

I actually had to look up Hatano’s name on google because I wasn’t able to tell who the spy was in this episode. Most of the guys in this anime look the same. When I watch anime, I like the characters to look different that way I can tell them apart. Is it just me who was having trouble with this?. This episode was good because we got to see some action but in terms of the story, I’m a bit confused.


I know that Hatano explained at the end of the episode that everything that happened was planned, but I should be able to understand how things work without having it explained to me by a character. Some of the events that happened in this episode should have clued me in to what’s going on.

The only characters I know are Satuma and Colonel Yuki and Miyoshi, the other characters we don’t know anything about. If your going to have me care about a character’s actions and thoughts, then build them up.

Building up a character is better than sticking them in an episode and making them badass. Making them out to be cool and mysterious means nothing to me if I don’t know anything about them, give me a reason to care. Did anyone feel annoyed when Hatano explained that everything went according to plan to Colonel Yuki?. Seriously?


I felt this episode was a bit pointless, I mean sure we got to see Hatano figure out that one of the members of the French Resistance was a german spy but what else did we discover in this episode besides that? I did like this episode despite everything I pointed out in this review, the music and the animation were great in this episode.

You know now that I think about it, I feel sorry for Alain, one of the members of the French Resistance. How will explain all the drama with Hatano to the resistance?. Poor guy.


So this show is going to show all the spies at the D-Agency in different situations right?. That’s what I gathered from this episode alone. I’m hoping that this show won’t get repetitive. I hope the spies don’t always win in the end, hopefully some of them will mess up. Hatano almost did in the episode, but everything was tied in a neat little bow at the end.

What did you think of this episode? Were you confused as I was? Let me know.


  1. I understand your confusion. This is also happened a great episode where the police officer kinda sets up clashing with the agency, and then the next episode is something else altogether.
    Yes, sorry for spoiling, but the other episodes will feature other spies and the charActers will not really stand out. Instead, their cool espionage missions will, and some aren’t half bad. XD

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  2. I don’t mind the spoiler. 🙂 Thanks for telling me. I’ll have to wait and see how the other spies handle their missions.

    This mission was good, I just hope the others are better. Thanks for commenting and sharing your thoughts. 😀

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  3. This was kind of my issue with this entire series. I really liked the premise and tone set up in episodes 1 and 2, and admittedly, the tone doesn’t really change, but we just keep going from situation to situation throughout with no real connection other than they are all spiesfrom the agency. Even then it could have worked if we’d been given more time in each situation to get to know the spy, but it kind of just drops us in to the story, deals with it and then we’re done. The lack fo character attachment made it hard for me to really enjoy this.

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  4. I might have to put aside my need for character attachment and focus on the mission the spies will go on and judge this show like that.

    I think there are some shows that can be good without building up characters. I’ll see if this is one of those shows as I review the episodes.

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  5. I enjoyed this episode. I think it shows the danger of being a spy really well. And expecting the unexpected. I understand your confusion. This anime is quite good, in my opinion. I agree that the art style makes it a bit difficult to differentiate between some of the characters, especially since there’s a lot of them. My favourite episode is the one where one of them got caught and tortured by the English. And then Miyoshi…that episode about Miyoshi. I’m so dismayed. Anyway, enjoy watching the rest.

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  6. One of them gets tortured by the English? I wouldn’t normally say this but since this is anime I guess it’s fine. That sounds cool I wonder how they get out of that?

    I want to get to the Miyoshi episode right now but I’ve got to wait and review the rest of the episodes. I guess that episode will make me sad. Even though I’ve only seen Miyoshi fo a little bit, he seems like a cool dude.

    His suit is also a beautiful colour which is why I can tell the difference between him and the other characters. I also like his hair XD. Thanks for commenting 🙂

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  7. Yes. It’s my favourite episode so far. It was cool.

    I don’t thibk that you’ll actually cry during the Miyoshi episode. You’ll just be utterly dismayed. At least, that was how I felt.

    And no problem. Keep on watching anime. Cheers!

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