Kiznaiver Episode 3

Good Episode. Not a fan of the new guy though.

So Kacchon and the others new mission is to find the new guy who is a Kiznaiver as well. They chase him all over the place until Kacchon finds him on a bridge. The new guy, Hisomu doesn’t believe connections are made easily so Kacchon tells him he wants to connect, he wants to know what other think.

Everyone else arrives and try to convince Hisomu. The thing is they can’t really convince Hisomu as they barely know each other, they don’t know exactly what they are, they’re just something called Kiznaivers.

They don’t understand what the word means. Honestly, I don’t know what they are either.  Hisomu leaves and Tenga talks to everyone and tells them if words won’t work then actions will. So Kacchon jumps off the bridge. No seriously, he does! I was not expecting that! He bounces of a Lorry and lands in a car.


It was pretty funny after I got over the shock. Kacchon passes after out which causes Chidori to pass out. I would pass out too, his face was bloody and bruised.

So the Kiznaivers complete the mission and I’m wondering how they did that? Was it because Kacchon jumped of a bridge? If so, he didn’t convince Hisomu at least I don’t think so. He turns out to be a masochist, wasn’t expecting that especially when he moaned.

But I should have seen it coming as he moaned when he was running around the shopping centre.  I had to turned my volume all the way down! You know, I didn’t expect to see that Neighbourhood Watch scene in this anime, that was hilarious because it came out of nowhere.


So I’m kind of wondering where this show is going? Is this what it’s going to be? Just getting to know each other and Kacchon jumping off places? I hope not as right now, I’m trying to find a reason why I shouldn’t continue watching this anime. Not much happened in this episode. I not a fan of Hisomu, I think he’s weird, again the only character that has my interest is Kacchon.

I think it’s because I want to find out if he’ll eventually feel pain. Tenga is boring, Yuta is boring, Maki is just there and Nico is annoying, can she just disappear please, I won’t miss her. Chidori is ok I guess but she worries about Kacchon way too much and is it just me that feels that she acts too nice?

I’m sorry if I sound to harsh in this review, I’m trying to find a reason to care about these characters. Right now these kids are just running around and reacting to when they get injured. There wasn’t any interactions in this episode that meant anything. I really hope this anime is going to go somewhere with its plot, otherwise I’m dropping out.



  1. I’d say it isn’t going to really go anywhere as the first half is entirely the kids running around, getting to know each other, and occasionally being given totally random missions to ‘clear’. The second half brings in some actual plot but I wasn’t a fan of the direction that took and how it resolved. Of course, I was in the minority given a lot of people quite liked this show.

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